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Is Shelter right? Do high rents impact women more than men?

Shelter claims that women are impacted by homelessness more than men, and says rising private rents are a contributory factor.

In a new study Shelter says 60 per cent of all homeless adults living in temporary accommodation in England today are women, despite only making up 51 per cent of the general population.

The campaigning charity suggests women are more likely than men to have to tackle rising housing costs, with 69 per cent of women who rent privately worrying they wouldn’t be able to afford anywhere decent to live if their relationship broke down.


In the past decade, the number of homeless women living in temporary accommodation has almost doubled from 40,030 in 2011 to 75,410 today – a rise of 88 per cent.

Shelter chief executive Polly Neate says: “Women are bearing the brunt of our escalating housing crisis, and they are being failed at every turn. No mother should have to choose between buying food or paying her rent. No woman should have to stay with her abuser or face the streets.

“The hike in living costs and cuts to Universal Credit mean it’s only going to get tougher for thousands of women barely hanging on to their homes. It’s appalling women are being fobbed off by professionals who are supposed to help them, and it’s no wonder they feel scared and alone.

“If we’re going to turn back the tide on women’s homelessness, we need to listen to women and better understand their needs.”

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    For once and to my total amzement, I agree with Shelter. Thinking about it logically, when a couple split up the woman is usually left with the children making working difficult in some cases and thus income for rent is reduced.

    That said, even Polly Bleat should know the UC was not CUT, it was returned to its pre-Covid level, but using that word is much more dramatic as she knows. Does she describe furlough payments as cut when they too were temporary?

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    So why are so many men homeless, and on the streets. I think shelter are spinning the governments line. Which is all englishmen are homophobic mysogonists, rapists etc


    Ex-services, drugs etc. "Shelter says 60 per cent of all homeless adults living in temporary accommodation in England today are women" which means 40% are men. However since Shelter is all about fund raising rather than actually providing shelter, rightly or wrongly the image of women with children being homeless raises more sympathy. more sympathy equals more donations.


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