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Pets in Lets: New evidence of property damage caused by dogs

New research by MoneySuperMarket reveals that dogs cause £1.5 billion of property damage per year.

Labradoodles are the UK’s most destructive dog breed, causing an average of £192 worth of damage annually, compared to the national average of £147 per dog. 

Golden Retrievers are second at £165, closely followed by German Shepherds in third place at £163.


At the other end of the scale, Jack Russells are the most furniture-friendly breed, costing their owners £128 in damages, £19 less than the national average. 

Carpets topped the list of the most damaged household items (22%), followed by sofas or rugs (19%), chairs (16%) and beds (13%).

Dog owners in London spend the most on repairing damage caused by their dogs at an average of £193, compared to dogs in the South West who cost owners an average £107. 


Dave Merrick of MoneySuperMarket, comments: “Damage to furniture and other household items is a lesser considered challenge of dog ownership, with our research showing the average dog owner incurs nearly £150 worth of damage per year. 

“While you can try and minimise the risks, it isn’t always possible to eliminate all damage.  No matter their age, we recommend that you check your home insurance policy to ensure you are covered for any accidental damage caused by your pets. Without adequate cover, you may find yourself paying hundreds of pounds for repairs and refurbishments.” 

  • Theodor Cable

    Hence the need for a £20,000 up front cash, non refundable fee to allow a dog into the property.
    I suspect then they will not want to rent. (And I thought they loved their Fidos at any cost).
    And that solves the problem.

    And if they want to pay the £20,000 then I will happily take it.

  • Matthew Payne

    Clearly all these well behaved dogs, that belong to responsible owners, certified as so by a magic algorithm, by a few companies trying to make a quick buck, that we are told are the norm, you've got nothing to worry about mr agent/landlord, honest guv, didnt feature in Daves' reasearch......strange that.


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