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ARLA warns that ‘many landlords can no longer make ends meet’

ARLA Propertymark has reiterated its demand for the government to give financial support to the private rental sector.

In its submission to HM Treasury ahead of next month’s Budget it says the best way to sustain tenancies is to make sure tenants can pay their rent.

This “is why the UK government must introduce a financial support package to reduce Covid-related rent arrears” it states.


It echoes the calls of tenant organisations when it goes on to say: “Further support is needed to help tenants who have built up Covid-19 related arrears through no fault of their own. We recognise that there has been support from the UK government for many tenants, but this has not always met the full cost of rent and has not reached all tenants.

“Furthermore, to date there has been no direct financial support for the rental market, with individual landlords unable to access small business grants or bounce back loans. 

“To this end, in September, our Private Rented Sector Report showed an increase in the number of landlords selling their buy-to-let properties and the figures are the highest we have on record for the month of September.”

It continues by saying that in October it revealed 53 per cent of letting agents thought that support from the UK Government in helping with rent arrears and preventing evictions had not been effective, with only 12 per cent thinking it had been very effective.

“The nature of the coronavirus crisis requires a one-off intervention to address specifically Covid-19 related arrears. This will enable both tenants and landlords to continue the tenancy and support tenants to remain in their homes” ARLA tells the Treasury.

  • James B

    Exactly what government want a few more landlords to fold .. no chance they will support them they have been truly hung out to dry

  • icon

    The government obviously has a target for the reduction of private small residential property investors/investment, the full blown attacks by the government on this group of people is clear, the government is also using 'covid' to take further punitive action against this group, which do not have the resources to survive without a tenant that is paying rent..............

    Algarve  Investor

    I think they are pushing for a rental market which is much closer to Europe - ironic given we're attempting to cut ties in every other ways, thanks to Brexit.

    In the Netherlands, it's something like 50% buy-to-let and 50% Build to Rent, while in Germany it's 60% to 40% in favour of BTR. These countries have always had far more established and regulated rental markets, but the UK seems to be heading that way, and the government seems to be encouraging as many large institutional investors as possible into the market at the moment.

  • icon

    Interesting theory above. Could be right. The government maybe engineering BTR initiatives as a form of ‘class cleansing’ by actually allowing agitator groups Shelter Acorn Gen Rent to do the dirty work for them “All these tenants should be living together like in the 60’s, 70’s let’s build these boxes and put them back in it” Just a wild theory of mine probably nonsense

  • icon

    The govt has dished out business interruption loans. Landlords moght be better off owning their portfolios via limited companies.


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