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Yet another Eviction Ban extension - and then it will 'taper off'

The government has announced a further extension to the current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions in England until May 31.

At that point the ban will taper off. No details have been given as to how this ‘taper’ will take effect, with a government statement merely saying: “The government will consider the best approach to move away from emergency protections from the beginning of June, taking into account public health advice and the wider roadmap."

The requirement for landlords to provide six-month notice periods to tenants before they evict will also be extended until “at least 31 May” says Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.


There’s been a swift reaction from Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association: “he further extension to the repossessions ban will do nothing to help those landlords and tenants financially hit due to the pandemic. 

“Given the cross-sector consensus for the need to address the rent debt crisis, it suggests the government are unwilling to listen to the voices of those most affected.

“If the Chancellor wants to avoid causing a homelessness crisis, he must develop an urgent financial package including interest free, government guaranteed loans to help tenants in arrears to pay off rent debts built since March 2020.  

“This is vital for those who do not qualify for benefit support. Without this, more tenants face losing their homes, and many will carry damaged credit scores, making it more difficult to rent in the future and causing huge pressure on local authorities when they can least manage it.”

The announcement today means that until the 31st May private landlords will need to continue to give tenants six months’ notice before they can repossess properties, except in the following circumstances:

- Anti-social behaviour (four weeks’ notice)

- False statements provided by the tenant (two to four weeks’ notice)

- Over 6 months’ accumulated rent arrears (four weeks’ notice)

- Breach of immigration rules under the ‘Right to Rent’ policy (three months’ notice).

  • Algarve  Investor

    Quelle surprise. Shock horror. I can't believe it's not butter!

    Could see this coming a mile off and at least the government has acted more decisively this time, rather than leaving it until the last minute, building up speculation and uncertainty for those affected. Most sensible landlords, investors and letting agents will have already baked this further extension into their plans. I can't imagine anyone was banking on a March 31 end date, given the current restrictions still in place.

    I think this probably will be the last ban, but will be interesting to see how quickly the government move on abolishing section 21. The courts are going to be an almighty mess from June, so a tapered end is definitely more sensible. There is going to be a huge backlog to work through and I imagine it will still be very difficult to get anything to court before September, if a case isn't already in the pipeline.

    Alternative means are necessary to ensure cases don't get there in the first place - haven't seen much info about the government's mediation pilot. Anyone know how that's going? In a proper, well-functioning system, the number of cases actually progressing to court would be miniscule, but the systems of redress, deposit dispute and managing arrears aren't really good enough at present.

    The Breathing Space scheme could further complicate things too. Landlords and agents in for a rocky ride, potentially.

    Matthew Payne

    Hardly worthy of a newsflash on this or the sun rising this morning.

    September 2023 perhaps. It took nearly 6 months before the pandemic. I have seen reports that the backlog may take 3 years to clear, and I suspect a political spanner will be jammed in the Court cogs to make sure many don't make it this year at all.

    Prof Whitty is already talking 2021 Winter wave, and he hasn't got much wrong so far. Cant see any Court evicting anyone towards the end of the summer with social housing in the mess it's in. Can see this dragging on for another year, which then gives them time to deal with S21, they won't have it done by May.

  • icon

    As Brenda from Bristol would say, "Oh no, not another one!".


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