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Another Shelter report condemns state of British rental sector

Another report by the campaigning charity Shelter is critical of the quality of Britain’s private rental sector - and indeed the state of most of housing in the country.

It claims 34 per cent of adults in Britain are now impacted by what it calls “the housing emergency”.

In a survey of 13,000 people it says there are numerous weaknesses in the rental sector in particular but the entire housing landscape in general.


Race: Black people are 70 per cent more likely to be impacted by “the emergency” than White people; and Asian people are 50 per cent more likely. Shelter claims 1m black adults and 1.8m Asian adults do not have a safe or secure home compared  with 33 per cent of White adults.  

Disability: 54 per cent of people with a significant disability do not have a safe or secure home, compared with 30 per cent of people without a disability. 

Single mothers: 65 per cent of single mothers do not have a safe or secure home, compared with 37 per cent of two-parent households.  

Socio-economic status: Low-income households on less than £20,000 a year are 70 per cent more likely to be impacted than households earning £40,000 to £45,000 a year. 

Sexuality: 40 per cent of gay or lesbian people and 49 per cent of bisexual people are impacted by the emergency, compared with 32 per cent of heterosexual people.   



Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, says: “Decades of neglect have left Britain’s housing system on its knees. A safe home is everything, yet millions don’t have one. Lives are being ruined by benefit cuts, blatant discrimination and the total failure to build social homes. Twenty three per cent are living in homes with significant damp, mould and condensation.

“Shelter believes a safe home is a human right, but the pain and desperation our frontline staff see every day shows this is still a long way off. That’s why we are fighting for the single mum who has to put her child to bed in a room covered in mould, and the disabled man living on the twelfth floor with a broken lift. We are fighting for everyone impacted by the housing emergency - and as we emerge from the pandemic, we want the public and politicians to do the same.”

  • Billy the Fish

    So rather than complain how do they suggest the housing emergency is corrected? It is easy to tell others what is wrong, for example Shelter the homeless charity have millions in the bank, the MD gets a huge salary but they don't actually house anyone. See how easy that was.
    More social housing would go a long way to resolving the housing crisis, we all know that. I wonder why Shelter only ever seem to attack the PRS and not Gov?


    ........... I wonder why Shelter only ever seem to attack the PRS and not Gov?...........
    Because the Govt pay their wages and we all know about biting the hand that feeds you!

  • James B

    Can they be trusted with anything they say ? Government rubbished their figures again in Parliament this week with actual numbers on arrears cases

  • icon
    • 26 May 2021 08:47 AM

    Maybe Shelter should start housing people and stop complaining. Filthy thieving organisation.


    Had this argument on a landlords group - yes the other party said he was a landlord - but not convinced!

    This chap said shelter didn’t believe in any form of housing/rental apart from owner occupier or social housing owner and run by the state/LA. Believe it or not that also excludes housing associations.

    So shelter could not actually house anyone as it was against their core values. 😂

    Can’t help but feel it’s much easier to criticise those who are (whilst raking in the cash (some public money) that prove themselves how the housing crisis can be improved by setting a sterling example of actually providing a roof over anyone head 🤔

  • icon

    Polly does like a good moan, doesn’t she. I am surprised she hasn’t asked the UN to intervene.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    34% my arse- is this the same statistical analysis that predicted a deluge of evictions due to massive covid arrears that has been largely discredited in recent press

  • icon

    Soon this organisation might woke-up. Ooops misspelled it again!

  • Barry X

    Ground-breaking research by Shelter has revealed that people who can't afford to rent a property, or who might be unsuitable as tenants, can find it more difficult to be accepted as tenants.

    Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, made the important points that "The government MUST act to end this sort of discrimination once and for all. We have found that 23% of all tenants don't like paying rent, and the remaining 77% would prefer not to. This is conclusive proof that the government should end once and for all the outdated and discriminatory practice of allowing landlords to charge rent. Instead of trying to make money landlords should be encouraged (and later forced) to concentrate of pandering to their tenant's every whim".

    In a separate development, Generation Rent demanded that the government finally ends the loophole allowing landlords to continue to own a property after a tenant has moved into it. They say that not only does that make tenants feel uncomfortable, but it is also unfair because a landlord can potentially later sell the property - (even though it isn't easy if the tenant follows their advice and wisely refuses to ever move out) and then the landlord could potentially keep the net proceeds after tax and paying off their mortgage - thus a landlord could (at least in theory) one day get some of his or her money back out and use it for something else, which is obviously very wrong indeed and needs to be criminalised.

    In future if a landlord manages to sell a property the full net proceeds should be given to the hardworking tenant - even if that tenant happens to be long term unemployed and/or has never worked. After all it was the tenant, not landlord, who took the trouble of living there.

    Furthermore the buyer should be required to allow the tenant to continue to live there - and also required to ensure the property is not only safe and fit for the purpose but more sumptuous and better appointed than wherever the buyer (and now new landlord) lives. This measure will improve the housing stock and ensure liquidity in the property market".

    In response to Generation Rent's demands, a spokesperson for the Tory Party (who are notionally in charge of parliament) was quoted as saying "if you like Labour you'll LOVE us! Vote Tory forever if you believe in free accommodation and an end to any remaining rights a landlord might be trying to hang on to. We are fully committed to outlawing the outdated practice of allowing landlords or their agents to try and make a profit from property or related services, and through a series of measure we are introducing we intend to make it an offence eventually for any of them to even breath. That is why a vote for us is a vote for the future of Britain!"

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    Top comment, Barry.

    You are so correct in showing that this government is Conservative In Name Only. I am ashamed to say I voted for them.

    Fool me once, Boris, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, Boris, shame on me.

    Barry X

    Thanks FL. I wish it weren't true but sadly it is :(

    One of the biggest problems with voting is that if you pay attention you're sure to be disappointed and wish in the end that you hadn't bothered.... either whoever you vote for doesn't get in, which is disappointing right away, or worse still your candidate DOES get in and then over time lets you down and betrays your trust by NOT doing as promised or expected....

    "If voting ever changed anything they'd abolish it"

    If you really want to vote then remember to always vote AGAINST someone, i.e. vote for whoever is most likely to come second so the winner gets a smaller majority by TWO votes - the one you took from him or her plus the same vote you used against him or her. That way you get double the satisfaction without any of the risk of accidentally (or over optimistically) backing yet another lying cheat, i.e. career politician!


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