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Agent accuses landlords of ‘not taking responsibilities seriously’

A controversial lettings agent who has set up a business to sell rental insurance has accused landlords of not taking their responsibilities seriously.

Ajay Jagota, who runs KIS Lettings in the north of England as well as his Veriwise insurance service, says the recent English Housing Survey shows 17 per cent of private tenants not being satisfied with the standard of their homes, and another quarter of tenants dissatisfied with the repairs and maintenance carried out by their landlord.

“These are outrageous figures which really bring home how many people in England are living day in day out in danger and squalor as a result of their landlords not taking their responsibilities seriously” claims Jagota.


“In every corner of the country there are renters wondering why their landlord won’t get rid of rats or wondering how long a landlord has to fix an electrical problem or can legally leave them without heating – all knowing that any complaints will probably get them nowhere.

“Countless privately rented tenants are being told year after year that the damp in their children’s bedroom is their fault for not opening the windows or drying clothes in the house – and most of them don’t know where to turn to or don’t have the confidence or resources to fight their case in court.”

Jagota claims the figures also show that 23 per cent of privately rented homes fail to meet minimum standards, and 11 per cent of privately rented homes do not have a working smoke alarm.

Veriwise, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, wants tenants to report problems which it says it will then take up with landlords with a view to securing compensation for the renters.

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    It seems he wants to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    I've found a really good selling technique is to attack and criticise your target market. They love it!

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    What a complete fool, No more businesx for him then. Not that a Professional LL would have bothered.

  • Don Holmes

    I’m sure LLs and tenants won’t fall for this damming sales technique. Especially when you take a more positive view 77% of rental properties are according to his figures are working well and 89% have a working smoke alarm.
    Not all good and more work to be done but a much better picture than painted by someone trying to blag you to buy his insurance!

    • 20 July 2021 09:52 AM

    But when you pay the your hard earned money for a service, you expect it to be 100% working and 100% safe. As LEGALLY STATED and mandated it should be.

    If you buy a car, are you OK with it only being 77% working and 89% safe?

    If a little extra expense per month is what it takes to bring rogue and shoddy LLs to task, and remove them from circulation, because the direct route isn't working, then that's no bad thing.

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    This is someone who lacks clarity! Grow up, move on you idiot!

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    Most damp issues are caused by the tenant, not ventilating and drying their clothes on the radiator.
    Further a lot of them only heat the room they are in.So when they use those other unheated rooms the walls are cold and then when use the cold walls are plastered with condensation.


    According to Ajay, that is the landlord’s fault.

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    Ben Ballard who are you ? You obviously have no knowledge of the subject. You are obviously another agitator.

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    Take a quick look at his KIS website, they have little to no stock and it's a shambles. Are we really supposed to take this guy seriously? He is absolutely desperate to make a name for himself and is using just about every platform to do so. I don't know why this publication is giving him the time of day....


    A firm with two offices and just four properties? Perhaps he paid for this article?

    Telling Landlords that "Countless privately rented tenants are being told year after year that the damp in their children’s bedroom is their fault for not opening the windows or drying clothes in the house" is not likely to gain him new landlords BECAUSE that is what causes condensation and mould. I had one tenant of a client landlord insist that the property was damp. I went to inspect and the windows were running with condensation and clothes were hanging over every inch of the radiators. Not one window was open.


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