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Lettings platform claims to be world’s first for women only

A lettings platform set up 18 months ago but under-the-radar until now claims to be the world’s first for women only - and it says existing letting agents are too pre-occupied with transactions rather than serving the customer. 

The platform, Her Roomies, was set up in October 2020 and now claims over 100,000 users worldwide.

A statement from the platform says: “Letting agents are increasingly using new technologies such as online listing, video and e-signing. Covid has certainly driven the adoption of PropTech. However, that is really where the [agents’] use of technology ends.”


It says that traditional residential property rental platforms are non-segmented and are focused on transactional rentals, whereas Her Roomies offers a segmented market that will help landlords target their properties to female tenants, and is building a community to  build loyalty and lifetime value rather than a one-off transaction.

The platform offers all types of properties from rooms to whole flats to co-living to student residences, offers users a flatmate compatibility tool and claims to have safety-first property verification services.

Her Roomies was founded in October 2020 by daughter and father team Chiara Fraser and Nick Fraser. 



Since launching their proof of concept model in Spain for their accommodation rental platform and community for women, they have grown their community and user base and have users in Spain, the UK, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands. 

The platform is currently crowdfunding on a German site.

You can see the website here.

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    How is this not against the laws on discrimination?


    It's just a platform that allows people to look for room mates, it shouldn't come as a surprise that most women would want a female room mate. Just because we've been socially conditioned to think that the word itself is dirty, doen't change the fact that discrimination has it's uses and places.


    @Max Boyne, it states “ the platform offers all types of properties from rooms to whole flats . . . “.

    Also in today’s crazy world, a person with Male bits can identify as a woman.


    Dear Fed up Landlord. We do not discriminate. Everybody is welcome to use Her Roomies. Please do list on our platform. Thank you. Nick


    @ Nick Fraser, from your website "Her Roomies is the room and apartment rental portal designed for HER. This rental platform is designed to cater to women and their search for a new home." No mention of males so pull the other one, it has round spherical objects on it.

    Theodor Cable

    It is illegal.

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    🤣Hilarious. Funny how none of these businesses are ever started with the founder's own money.


    Dear Max. We have funded the development of Her Roomies from our own resources for the last 18 months.

    We are now looking for funding to grow. We would welcome your interest by visiting our crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube and sincerely hope that you see the opportunity to offer a safe space for HER for all HER rental needs. Thanks. Nick

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    • A W
    • 21 March 2022 16:41 PM

    Sexism is sexism however you wish to dress it up.

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    Come on folks give Nick a break they are only trying to build a business, we all know by now that the
    PC disease only breeds bigotry and hatred , all the discrimination laws have never protected landlords and their kids from the most vicious discrimination we have experienced since Hitler

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    A W - Sexism is Sexism however you wish to dress it up, How very witty. What great Irony !
    "Its not sexxism when I do it " Quote from one Carrie who campaigns for Her rights, dressed up as Wmmens Rights.

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    Dear Fed Up Landlord.

    To clarify, as a platform we cater to women and give them a space they can rely on, but as a marketplace we are non-discriminatory. There a many, many female centric (gender lens) websites and products that cater to females. This does not make them discriminatory and neither is Her Roomies.

    Thank you.


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