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Agent justifies rent level after politician brands it “disgraceful”

A lettings agency in Kent has been drawn into a spat about rent levels following a councillor’s comment on Twitter.

Liberal Democrat councillor Hannah Perkin, who represents part of Faversham, tweeted that a four bed new-build semi detached house available to rent at £1,800 pcm was “disgraceful”.

When picked up by the local media, agent Mark Greenwood of William Property Management Ltd said demand is high because Faversham is "a lovely market town and a desirable place to live".


He continues: "The rental sector is heavily influenced by the sale value of property. When sale values increase, so do rental prices.

"We can’t influence those prices, they are set by the demand for property.

"The vast majority of houses that we let in Faversham are to local people.

"This particular house is a substantial four-bedroom new build. We have just advertised it and have already had a number of enquiries from people wanting to arrange a viewing.

"We completely understand how difficult it is for people to find their ideal home and we work very hard with all our potential tenants to help them achieve this."

The councillor tweeted: “How is this sustainable? Families are being driven out of Faversham. It's disgraceful.

"When I moved here 12 years ago, our three-bed was £625 per month. It's just so depressing to watch prices rise when there is nothing you can do about it."

Local media in Kent report that some four bedroom properties are letting for £2,100 pcm.

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    £1400+pcm is normal here in our locality; ours are around £1600+pcm and that is before you even look at 'quaint & charming' in the surrounding villages at £2200+pcm!

  • Matthew Payne

    It would be interesting to see how much a councillors tax payer funded renumeration has increased in the same period, I bet there is less remonstration about that from Hannah and her colleagues.

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    Mr Payne
    Look at the meteoritic rise of senior council officials pay.One time town clerks call themselves cheif execs etc and pay themselves staggeringly high salaries and pensions.


    I grew up on a council estate and the Town Clerk at the time, lived in one with his family. No airs or graces then. Happy days!

  • Kieran Ryan

    Should have mentioned the distinct fact that there is an acute shortage of property in the private rented sector BECAUSE of the government changing tax rules for landlords and the ridiculous 'White Paper' changes to the rented sector! This is what happens when you meddle with a generaly normal market?

  • Kristjan Byfield

    If the government are concerned about rent levels maybe stop discouraging landlords from being such- lowering supply and thus driving up prices. However, more importantly, address the issues of supply. Simply put, build more homes of all types for all people and prices will self-regulate. It really is that simple and the only people to blame are the governments of the last 20 years or so and their nonexistent housing strategy.

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    Open borders is the problem. Until v recently it was easy for the tenants to move on, and they did, very frequently.


    Edwin, some did, but I am lucky in that most of my tenants have been long term: ten years and counting, three years and relocated, six years and bought a place etc so I must be doing something right! There have also been some properties where, through various circumstances, tenants have rarely stayed longer than a year.

    That said, demand has shot through the roof since government and other self-appointed experts have meddled with the PRS. Rents are high because tenants will pay them. This is a supply and demand business. Yes it is a business even if the government don't always treat it that way.

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    This government knows all about capitalism. It is vey fond of giving contracts to Serco, g4s,and capita. Results often seem poor, but the government keeps giving them work. Serco was set up by a former Conservative minister and is rather fond of employing fmr conservative MP s.

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    "When I moved here 12 years ago, our three-bed was £625 per month. It's just so depressing to watch prices rise when there is nothing you can do about it."
    Is it only me who find this ridiculous how out of touch this chancellor is? Simple economics and common sense... Sad

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    Fedup landlord, unfortunately your tenants are likely to claim rights for being in your property so long.


    Not possible with an AST - at least learn some basic housing law before commenting…

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    It's possible with politics. ! Johnson is ruling by decree ! Who is pushing Woke politics ?


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