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PropTech supplier offers green fuel deal for tenants

Tenants are being offered what’s called a “fixed price green energy option” ahead of another fuel price hike this autumn.

The deal comes from technology platform Muuvo which has partnered with the Rebel Energy company.

No details of the pricing have been released but Rebel Energy chief executive Dan Bates says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Muuvo and bringing our innovative, fixed price, green energy products to their users and, at a particularly challenging time economically, help tenants and homeowners better control their costs.”  


Rebel Energy provides energy from 100 per cent renewable sources and describes its three-point strategy as being, firstly, pricing  “that does not target the poor”, secondly the improvement of credit scores, and thirdly securing extra grants and benefits for customers.

The Muuvo platform uses data to identify what it calls “best in class” suppliers and speed up the registration of new tenants.

It claims this enables lettings agents to access all the information required when setting up a tenancy and registering tenants for council tax, water, gas and electricity.

Once located, tenants are invited to use the service and register their interest and are also given opportunities to review suppliers and add products and services such as broadband and TV.

Muuvo says agents benefit from faster processes and a share in revenues generated by a tenant switching or taking new products and services, not only at the outset of a tenancy, but on any subsequent renewal.

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    Rebel Energy was a dormant company until two years ago. Given the number of utility companies that have failed, all tenants should exercise caution.

  • David Ray Billing Better

    Fedup Landlord

    Since 2018, 40 energy companies have gone bust, displacing nearly six million customers.

    The impact on these customers and these organisations, including employees was and is still having huge implications, which we are still currently navigating, with many of the root causes beyond our control.

    The knock-on effect of rising energy prices will impact every household, particularly households with lower incomes.

    Since the beginning of 2021, 31 energy companies have ceased trading due to soaring wholesale gas prices, leaving over two million customers dependent on the safety net provided by the market regulator, Rebel Energy was not one of these companies; I agree as a business they had to make some tough decisions during this turbulent crisis, although they have navigated the crisis very well, and in my opinion, they will become a major supplier in the UK.

    The Energy Shop updated its website on 07/06/2022 this will provide all readers with an updated list of the companies impacted and the number of their customers displaced.

    Have a look at Rebel Energy's mission statement for additional context.

    Many thanks, David


    Since 2018, 40 energy companies have gone bust, displacing nearly six million customers. That alone gives me cause for concern. I take no pleasure in companies going to the wall and employees suddenly jobless. It happened to me many years ago.

    I woud still recommend tenants excercise caution.

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    Since the conservatives regained power their has been s massive number of companies going bust ! Remember Tarmac, it left behind lots of wrecks, it was 200 years old !


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