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Public kick back against rental reform proposals

An interesting survey conducted by the Lincolnshire Live news website suggests a lack of support for some proposals in the government’s rental reform White Paper.

The government says it will ban Section 21 evictions and extend the Decent Homes Standard to the sector. It will also end what it calls “arbitrary rent review clauses, give tenants stronger powers to challenge poor practice, unjustified rent increases and enable them to be repaid rent for non-decent homes.”

It will be illegal for landlords or agents to have blanket bans on renting to families with children or those in receipt of benefits. And it will make it easier for tenants to have pets, a right which the landlord must consider and cannot unreasonably refuse.


Yet these policies appear unpopular in one local study.

No figures are given as to the scale of the Lincolnshire Live survey but public opposition was voiced about landlords not being allowed to choose their tenants, and over landlords potentially being obliged to accept tenants with pets.

“Our readers felt that landlords should be able to rent to ‘whomever they want’ and should be allowed to turn away whomever they please” says Lincolnshire Live.

“Many said that there were as many ‘terrible tenants as there are landlords’ and one reader described the government as having ‘shot itself in the foot’ by putting forward the proposals.”

Different reader comments were included in the piece, with one person saying: “So many landlords will move to holiday letting, which is much safer and far more lucrative … Good luck to all those who wish to rent when the council have no houses available. The government is making it so unattractive to be a landlord, yet there clearly is a market for private rental."

Another was quoted as saying there should be a mechanism for compensating landlords if properties are damaged by pets.

“Owners [must] make sure their pets don't cause any damage. While some owners will be responsible, others will not” claims a reader.

And another reader says that, as a landlord, she feels there is "little protection" for landlords already. Others expressed concern that rent would increase to "astronomical levels".

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    Considering that their are around 4.4 million PRS properties with landlords owning 1.7 properties, and they are normally mom and pop proprietors, that's a lot of people and votes.ln that area their are lots of east europeans, which is an interesting mix.


    What do you mean by that? Eastern Europeans are like any other minority in any other part of the country and should not be singled out.

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    @ Eve K Kay, no doubt Edwin will reply, but liking your own comment is not a good idea really.


    I’ll like yours instead :)

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    The take over of private landlords properties by the Goverment in its new regulations dictating to Landlords how they must rent their properties. This ‘take over’is the governments attempt to address the serious housing crises.The response from private Landlords will be to sell up or transfer to holiday lets !!!

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    Eve, who r u ? I think that you are a hoax, tell us about yourself. I was brought up to be a multiculturalalist and a socialist. I have paid a very heavy price for this.


    I was dealing with a client. You haven’t explained your Eastern European comment?

    You really can’t be that dim witted, how can someone be a hoax when I am not claiming to be anyone. I challenged your comment and I have obviously touched a nerve.

  • Matthew Payne

    Renting a nice property will become as difficult as homeownership for most people. If it is enacted, I would put money on it being repealed, or having some serious amendments made when the proverbial fan gets covered. Hopefully they dont spend too long lecturing the sector on who to rent to first like they are doing now with pets, as more and more people become homeless.

  • jeremy clarke

    Eve K Kay has left the building.

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    Someone has probably asked her to house a refugee. On a serious note l see this government as trashing the PRS as it did with British Industry, et Al.


    Ouch, another racist comment. Your second one of the day :(

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    Eve, Obviously you are in the legal profession, branding anything as racist. you don't show up as anything on this on your profile, who are you ?

    Harry Schaffer

    Pointing out a racist comment is racist is not confined to the legal profession. I agree with Eve, obviously touched a nerve.

    Theodor Cable

    What happenned to FREE SPEECH?
    Anything should be allowed, otherwise we are no better than the Sh**t Russians.

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    Harry, who r u ? R u another hoax ?


    Do you also hear voices when no one else is around? Who are you! Where am I, where is my mommy!

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    I don’t believe these exchanges are either informative or relevant.

    Can we leave the kindergarten and behave like professional adults.

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    Hello Eve
    Eve, You wouldn't be a documentary maker by any chance ?
    Please advise
    Unfortunately l am an unprofessional adult, l am still working through my continuous professional development.

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    This sounds more like dating web page . I’m only interest in informative exchanges. I’ll leave ye both to it.

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    Annemarie, l think you are naive. Sure your a landlord ?

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    Exactly what I am referring to. Edwin and Kay comments are more to do with sniping than the topic in the article.
    Have your fun but leave me out.
    By the way whether one is a landlord or not, is irrelevant as long as it is an opinion on the topic rather than you two bickering like children.


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