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Property investment salesman predicts buy to let renaissance

The sales director of a property investment firm says high house prices, rising interest rates and the broader cost of living crisis will combine to push more would-be buyers back into the private rental sector.

Daniel Jackson, sales director of Sequre Property Investment, says that on top of all that “mortgages will be harder to secure, with lenders showing caution around higher monthly expenses such as food and energy, which leave less money for mortgage payments. As a result of this pressure, we are likely to see an increase in demand for rental property throughout 2022 and as our research shows, landlords are increasingly investing in the buy-to-let market.”

He continues: “Long term property is a far stronger and more resilient investment than other asset classes, delivering better returns than stocks, bonds and gilts, over a ten-year period. Since the start of the pandemic, the stock market has been highly volatile, with the majority of the world stock markets suffering losses in the trillions of dollars. 



“Traditionally property has been a very good hedge against inflation. During the 1970s, when inflation peaked at around 27 per cent, investors with residential and commercial property and land, benefited from inflation, while those with fixed interest investments were losing money at an alarming rate, over a quarter of their savings every year.”

And he claims: “Most regions across the UK have seen landlords’ incomes rising, with prospects looking better than they have done for some time. We have seen yields averaging 8.71 per cent on our nationwide property investments, in the first quarter of 2022, providing above-market average returns.”

  • Tom Soane

    There are more landlords now than ever before! It's only the headlines that say the BTL sector is dying. Only those who advertise training courses for other investment strategies are claiming BTL is rubbish. In fact, the most successful property investors in the world have BTL portfolios. It's profitable, reliable, easy, simple and safe.

    Matthew Payne

    The latest EHS doesnt seem to concur Tom, "In 2020-21, the private rented sector accounted for 4.4 million or 19% of households, no change from 2019-20, but lower than in 2015-16 (20%)." The trend more importantly which from 1996 to 2015 was always up, has seen a fall or stagnation for the last 6 consecutive years (no increases) due to government interference.


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