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Labour launches major review of private rental sector

The Labour Party is to launch a major review of the private rental sector, led by the head of a London council.

Few details have yet been released but on Saturday the review was announced by shadow Levelling Up Secretary Lisa Nandy.

The review is to be led by Stephen Cowan, the leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council.


Nandy says: “Housing isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right.

“That’s why Labour has set out plans to tilt the balance of power back towards tenants through a powerful new Renters’ Charter and a new Decent Homes Standard.

“Security in your home, the right to make your home your own and most of all the right to live in a home fit for human habitation is non-negotiable.

“I’m delighted that Steve is going to drive forward this work so that we are ready to go on day one.”

In recent months Labour has hinted at the reforms it wants.

Party leader Sir Kier Starmer told his annual conference in October that “Buy to let landlords and second home owners will not get in first in front of local communities” when it comes to buying property.

And Nandy has pledged to put in place a Renter's Charter within 100 days if Labour won the next election. 

It would end Section 21 evictions; reduce eviction powers for landlords whose tenants are in arrears; introduce four month notice periods; introduce ‘portable’ deposits making it easier for tenants to switch properties; allow tenants to have pets; permit renters to make ”reasonable alterations to a property”; create a national register of landlords; and initiate a legally-binding decent homes standard in the private rental sector.

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    Great. Another reason for landlords to leave the market and tenants suffer even more. Why can’t we get someone who knows that they are doing to look into it rather then dreaming up ideas which “sound good to tenants”. Will sound really good when there is less stock for them to be housed in!


    Of course renting should be geared towards what the renter wants, they are your customer, I rent and your the seller am im the customer, try remembering that


    @David; ok let’s go with your theory that I’m the seller (landlord) and you’re the customer (tenant). Labour come in and I the seller no longer want to supply the product (housing). What are you the customer (tenant) going to do?
    It’s beyond me why you can’t see for you to have better conditions / housing / level of rent etc etc you need more choice and in order to have that you NEED landlords to be in the market and for that you need their conditions attractive enough, try remembering that…

    • C S
    • 24 February 2023 11:34 AM

    You're entitled to want whatever you like. Watch out for the consequences though.
    It's worthy of note that Shelter, Mick Lynch & similar banging these particular drums will result in one thing - mass exit of landlords from the PRS. With no social housing to fall back on this will inevitably end with a homelessness crisis.
    Blame those who actually *are* to blame - current and previous governments who took actions such as selling off social housing, not replacing lost social housing stock, driving up the cost of mortgages, endless legislative attacks on private landlords that drive up their costs (whilst ignoring the massive failings of social housing!) and therefore rents etc etc etc. The smoke screen of demonising private landlords is very effective at deterring people from examining the actual causes and apportioning blame correctly, don't be sucked in.

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    End S21 - I'm out.
    Reduce eviction powers for landlords whose tenants are in arrears - I'm out.
    Introduce four month notice periods - no doubt tenants will be able to just leave - I'm out.
    Allow tenants to have pets - against my head leases - I'm out
    Permit renters to make ”reasonable alterations to a property” - MY property, not theirs, I'm out.

    Perhaps landlords should make clear the consequences of voting Labour at the next election.

    Billy the Fish

    I understand your points fully - it has to be balanced, however give a choice of blue or red I'd rather sell a BTL and reinvest elsewhere than allow the current lot run this country into the ground.
    Housing crisis, health crisis, fuel crisis, energy crisis, cost of living crisis and now I think we have to add pot-hole crisis. They are not doing a very good job lets face it.

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    Well, they're already starting from the position that landlords are a problem, so what's the point of a review?

  • jeremy clarke

    Today's liebor review = tomorrow's conservative policy!
    No mention of involving landlord or agents = socialism!
    Who on earth will anyone be able to vote for at the next GE?


    Whats the point in asking landlords, they want to do as they wish with no rules or taxes, renters your customers demand respect and rights

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    Your not in power yet Starmer. Remember Neil Kinnock?


    We can but hope.

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    Unfortunately this will not tip quite a few landlords over the edge now. More housing problems ahead for tenants and landlords, announcements like this really exacerbate the problem

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    Ask a renter the customer which no one mentions, has the prs been a good thing, no for the customer ie the renter its been rubbish

    • G W
    • 28 January 2023 23:00 PM

    I take it you are a tenant or from that side based on your comments…… maybe try and see both sides of the fence before making silly Uni comments….. you keep referring to tenants as customers and should be treated as such….. to have customers would infere landlord’s are running businesses and yet are not treated that way.

    This article regarding labour is what I’ve been waiting for, final nail in coffin for my elderly, long standing and lovely tenants as I can’t trust some of the backbencher ideas, like if a landlord sells they must pay a certain amount back to tenant depending on how long they’ve rented there…… I’m out whilst I can and I’ll watch the chaos that follows

    jeremy clarke

    David, let's assume you own a business, a greengrocers maybe. You rent your premises and buy your stock with a view to making a living. Then someone in government comes along and tells you to give away the stock. You still have overheads, but now no profits, would you remain as a greengrocer or give up?

    • J T
    • 22 February 2023 10:30 AM

    The PRS isn't new, it has been around forever. Various stats show that property conditions in the PRS are generally better than social housing so I'm not sure what you're basing that comment on.

    Yes, rents are generally more expensive, but most Social Housing was built and paid for a long time ago so it doesn't have to cover large borrowing/purchase costs, or providers tend to do land deals with local authorities at a big discount so the overheads on new stock are reduced and they can charge lower rents.

    However, there isn't anywhere near enough social housing to go around so the PRS fills the gap. If the PRS wasn't there, would house prices be cheaper? Yes, probably. Does that mean everyone could afford to buy,? No. Furthermore there would still be a huge shortage of housing due to our stupid planning laws.

    • C S
    • 24 February 2023 11:21 AM

    Unfortunately the government removed the rights of tenants to be considered as "customers" when they enacted the Tenant Fee Ban 2019. The landlord pays a fee, the tenant doesn't so I'm afraid that landlords will always be the client and the priority while that situation continues.
    Why should a tenant be treated as a "customer" while landlords are told that they must be a charity and have no rights over their own property. If their investments are considered a business then why are landlords not treated accordingly?

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    Labour is living in cloud cookoo land !!! Does Starmer really believe that there will be any landlords prepared to let properties which they will lose control over ? These conditions which he is dishonestly conning tenants with !!!! There will not be any properties to rent in the PRS. They will start selling up!! Margaret Randall

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    Shift the balance of power back toward tenants. Is she having a laugh!!!!!


    There will be no tenants if there are no houses to rent !!!!

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    Party leader Sir Kier Starmer told his annual conference in October that “Buy to let landlords and second home owners will not get in first in front of local communities” when it comes to buying property.

    Just how will Sir Kneel achieve that? Will every sale be subject to Local Authority approval? The man will say anything for votes.

  • Simon Shinerock

    Nandy says: “Housing isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right. Bang goes Sainsbury’s then

    Billy the Fish

    Good point.
    Food isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right.
    Health isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right.
    Heating isn’t a market. It’s a fundamental human right.
    And so on...
    Will they amend all of their policies to mirror this quote?

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    I started buying in Europe a few years ago best thing I ever did we are treated like every other business no discrimination no injustice and the constant blitzkrieg of hate propaganda ,get out now don't look back

    • J T
    • 22 February 2023 10:08 AM

    But on the other hand, tenants in mainland Europe generally have much more security. I've lived in France and Germany. In France they offer 3 years minimum tenancies for unfurnished lets and 6 months notice. In Germany the law is very complex and they offer a lot more Indefinite Tenancies, which are akin to our Assured Tenancy. Both countries can offer shorter fixed term lets but that only tends to be in certain circumstances like student lets or if the tenant requests it. The common default is the longer term option.

  • G romit

    "Labour launches major review of private rental sector" aka how Labour plans to outdo the Tories at Landlord bashing whilst trying to win the tenant vote.

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    LANDLORDS ARE LEAVING THE MARKET RAPIDLY AT THE MINUTE, I HAVE A NUMBER OF BUY TO LETS WITH LONG TERM TENANTS AND LOOK AFTER THEM, THEY LIVE IN NICE MODERN CLEAN PROPERTIES WHICH THEY ARE GRATEFUL FOR AS I AM GRATEFUL TO THEM FOR STAYING WITH ME AND LOOKING AFTER MY INVESTMENTS. I'm not sure who your landlord is David but I also manage a number of landlord properties and the properties are all a good standard and well maintained. I think your view is very narrow minded as when my tenants leave of their own accord for say a council house, they usually have to accept the property immediately which means they have rent to pay on 2 properties, then they have to decorate and supply their own flooring.

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    Julie, l think Edmond's a professional sponger. That's how he comes over, perhaps he can validate his claims and lifestyle.


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