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Renters Reform Bill part of ‘brighter future for UK’ claims Sunak

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says the Renters Reform Bill will be mentioned in today’s King’s Speech - and is part of what he insists in “a brighter future for the UK.”

The Bill was given its Second Reading in the Commons two weeks ago and is likely to win Royal Assent in the spring of next year unless a General Election gets in the way. 

However the government has pledged not to enact the Bill’s flagship measure - scrapping Section 21 eviction powers - until the court possession process is modernised and speeded up.


Nonetheless the Bill will be mentioned in the King’s Speech today as part of the government legislative agenda for the coming year.

A statement from Sunak’s office says: “Legislation will also deliver a fairer and higher quality private rented sector for both tenants and landlords with the Renters Reform Bill helping ensure people live in decent, safe and secure homes.”

Sunak himself adds: “This will be the first King’s Speech in seventy years and the legislation we will bring forward is part of our plan to build a better future for the next seventy.

“Just as I have done with energy security, net zero, illegal migration and HS2, the King’s Speech will take the long-term decisions to address the challenges this country faces, not the easy way out with short-term gimmicks.  

“As we take the necessary steps to halve inflation and reduce debt, we will legislate to grow the economy, by supporting innovative businesses and protecting consumers.

“To make the real change this country needs, we will bring forward bills that strengthen our society, help people feel safer in their own communities and give a sense of pride in the place they call home.”

Sunak’s office says: “The speech will build on progress to date delivering record numbers of police officers and ensuring perpetrators of anti-social behaviour face swift and more visible justice. 

“This is on top of the existing support to the NHS - meaning those who fall sick will get the care they need. With record funding and backing its long-term workforce plan, we will train more doctors, more nurses, more dentists and more GPs than ever before.

“In addition to setting out the legislative programme, the King’s Speech will reconfirm our commitment to promoting and protecting our national interests. 

“Last week’s AI Safety Summit showed how the UK is leading the world to ensure the development of safe AI, and the AUKUS submarine alliance with our partners - Australia and the United States – continues to strengthen global security and will create jobs for people in the UK.”

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    The Rental Reform legislation is going to increase homelessness and has paved the way for Labour to expropriate even more ownership rights from Landlords.

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    The Westminster imbeciles still do not listen - just where do they think all of the homeless people their policies are creating are going to live??????

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    Sunak has lost the plot. He is so desperate to be left-wing.

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    The plot has changed. Labour appears to have their own agenda for housing; it is not clear whether it is based on the Renters Reform Legislation, but it is clear that Angela Rayner has said that they will abolish Section 21 as soon as they take power.

  • Barry X

    I wonder what ".....brighter future for the UK..." that would be?

    Anyone actually believing such a ridiculously naive and delusional thing would have to be deeply out of touch, incredibly ignorant of the facts, history of what we've had (and steadily lost and had taken from us) in every aspect of society (not just our piffling little corner of it in the utterly failed but still being trounced and crumpled PRS), our nation's infrastructure, ecconnomy, culture whole ethos, outlook and way of life.....

    Yes.... a dazlingly bright future right just ahead being brought to us by our trusted Leaders...... indeed-indeed.... and all thanks to their incredible dedication, stewardship, integrity, depth of humility and dedication to only the Best of Britsh and all that we believe in......

    ...it'sall right there before our eyes.... for all to see, tangibly, and in front of our own noses too.....

    I genuinely can't think of A SINGLE ASPECTC OF ANYTHING IN THE UK, transport, education, health/NHS, police/ law and order, industry, ecconnomy, planning, the courts, border control, freedom of speech, common sense, social interaction, national sanity, open honesty about anything, humour.... you name it... which has anything good, encouraging or remotely even what I'd consider still almost "normal" about it for what I used to think was the UK and its values, ethics, quality and way of life....

    Very much against our wishes we have all become exiled in a horribly ailen, dysfunctional and increasingly nasy land and there is not the slighest chance or ever going home....

    Where's the sick bag?

  • Fed Up Landlord

    Welcome to Rishi Sunaks Orwellian vision of " 1984" - except it's 2023. "Tenants Good - Landlords Bad"- Sorry that was " Animal Farm" but I always get mixed up when I see so many pigs with their noses in the trough....

    Barry X

    Agreed but wrong species, @FUL... Westminster and its sewers are inhabited and run by an infestation of rats and snakes.


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    Due to the future Labour Governments threats to private landlords we are taking steps to protect us from their mad policies:
    1. We have stopped taking deposits as the deposit registration systems decisions on deposit deduction disputes are biased so much in favour of the tenants.
    2. Due to the threats of eviction bans or massive court delays in obtaining an eviction order we are about to start using a guarantor system on all lets to cover rent arrears, eviction costs, property damage, cleaning costs & contractual breaches.
    I think all landlords should protect themselves as we are target acquired to all councils & political parties.


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