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Repossession figures trigger worried response from charity

New figures from the Ministry of Justice show that between October and December last year, across England and Wales, there were 5,409 landlord repossessions.

This was a 98 per cent increase on the same quarter last year - during which time there were Covid restrictions in place - and a similar level to the previous quarter. 

The statistics also show that there were 20,460 landlord repossession claims, some 42 per cent more than at the same time last year, and a similar level to the previous quarter. 


There were 733 mortgage repossessions, a 134 per cent increase on the same time last year, and a similar level to the previous quarter. 

In response Matt Downie, chief executive of homelessness charity Crisis, says: “The devastating impact of the cost of living crisis, rising rents and low wages has once again been laid bare as thousands more renters are faced with eviction and the very real threat of being left with nowhere to go.

“With rents rising at their fastest rate in 16 years, the government cannot continue to look the other way as more and more people are forced into homelessness. The upcoming Spring Budget must include investment in housing benefit – which has been frozen since April 2020 – so that it adequately reflects today’s cost pressures. Failure to do so will see thousands of households facing the uncertainty of eviction and the crushing reality of homelessness.”

Crisis has launched a new campaign urging the public to contact their MP asking them write to the Chancellor to end the freeze on housing benefit.

  • jeremy clarke

    More useless numbers implying that all landlords are evil? No mention of how many of these evictions were in the social sector! Until the numbers make sense, the lunatics will continue to vilify the prs.

  • icon

    Britain's growth industry, Charities!!

  • icon

    Crisis, Generation Rent, Where is Polly Bleat? Surely this is a bandwagon she should jump on? Do they not realise that their attackes on landlords are what is driving good landlords to sell?

  • icon

    An LL I was talking to has written a few home truths down and sent them to Crisis in the reply paid envelopes they so generously dished out in the Saturday/Sunday supplements. Maybe we should all do the same?


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