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Vote Labour, says high profile lettings industry figure

The chief executive of Goodlord, the prominent PropTech supplier to the lettings sector, has been revealed as one of the 121 business figures to sign a letter backing Labour in the General Election. 

In  an open letter to The Times, Goodlord’s William Reeves is one of the signatories saying: “Labour has shown it has changed and wants to work with business to achieve the UK’s full economic potential. We should now give it the chance to change the country and lead Britain into the future.”

The signatories include 121 founders, chief executives, and former leaders at a range of financial services, retail and manufacturing firms and the timing of their letter was to coincide with shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves delivering her first major speech of the election campaign to business supporters.


Ahead of the 2015 election, 100 corporate leaders endorsed the Conservatives. One of those, Malcolm Walker - the founder of supermarket chain Iceland - will now endorse Labour instead.

Among others who have signed the letter in The Times is the TV chef and restaurateur Tom Kerridge, former Heathrow Airport chief executive John Holland-Kaye, JD Sports chairman Andrew Higginson and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Speaking to the BBC, Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride pointed out that no chief executives of the UK's very largest FTSE 100 companies were among the signatories.

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    Endorsing Liebour or Liebour Lite means more of the same for ordinary people. Nut Zero, woke culture, mass immigration both legal and illegal. All designed to make us poorer. The country is bankrupt. If you can, leave asap. Things will continue to decline. This is all by design, not incompetence, it just a plan masquerading as incompetence. Democracies fail to function when real choice is removed and the media is on the government's payroll. RIP Britain.

  • Hit Man

    The question is, what does Goodlord hope to gain from a Labour Government? Like PropertyMark, which seeks to impose more regulations on agents to further its own agenda, Goodlord seems to be following a similar path. Agents should take a stand and stop supporting these exploiters.

  • Roger  Mellie

    We're like turkeys voting for xmas whether we vote Tory or Labour.

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    The men in white coats will soon be knocking on his door and William Reeves will soon be wearing one of those special coats that does up at the back. 😂

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    Just told my agents I won’t be renewing the lease and will be selling , then just one left
    To go

  • Matthew Payne

    There is an agenda here, we all know Labour will make the lettings market far more complicated for agents, especially smaller ones to navigate which is in Goodlords interests. However, Labour would also dramatically reduce the size of the PRS and activity overall, as volumes reduce and tenants just stay put for longer and longer, meaning pre tenacy activity levels could fall off a cliff. Got to be careful what Christmas looks like before you vote for it.


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