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Labour to ban bidding wars and high upfront rental payments

Labour has stepped up its programme clamping down on what it calls “unscrupulous landlords strangling growth.”

Specifically this means ending bidding wars, capping upfront payments to secure properties, and require all landlords to make their properties EPC rating C or above by 2030.

Last autumn Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ditched EPC targets for the private rental sector, citing unreasonable costs for landlords.


Building on broad pledges contained in the Labour manifesto, the party now says private renters will be £250 a year better off under a Labour government after it forces landlords to improve the energy efficiency of rental homes.

Private landlords would no longer be able to auction rented homes to the highest bidder and requests for upfront rent will be capped, although it is not clear at what level.

This is in addition to existing commitments on Section 21 and other rental regulations.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, also shadow housing secretary, says of her party’s latest pledge: “Time and time again, the Tories have failed to stand up for renters. From endless delays to no-fault evictions, to failure to sort damp, cold and mouldy homes, the Conservatives are failing working people.

“Labour will call time on a decade of Tory vested interest and put renters first. An affordable, secure private rented sector is vital for economic growth, allowing young people to save for a mortgage with more money in their pockets to spend in the day-to-day economy.

“Our plans will support good landlords but we are calling time on unscrupulous landlords strangling growth.

“Labour will take action to protect renters, with an immediate ban on no-fault evictions, an end to rental bidding wars and extended protections against damp, mould and cold.

“The only real way to make renting more affordable is to build more homes, that’s why we have a plan to build 1.5 million homes over five years as an antidote to Britain’s failing private rented sector.

“Renters will be better off with Labour.”

  • jeremy clarke

    Dangerous and deluded.

  • Keith Russell

    She thinks Universally all Landlords are monsters & tenants are downtrodden upon and have no direct involvement with why their property might suffer from mould!
    You cannot fix a mould problem when it clearly derives from condensation due to lack of ventilation......open your windows when showering, don't dry clothes on every radiator in the house with your windows firmly shut. Where do they think the many litres of moisture goes? Strange how it always happens during the cold seasons, yet if a property had an issue this would happen all year round. I accept there are genuine cases of Landlord neglect, where this needs to be addressed. But when there is no evidence of any water penetration to fix that is a contributing factor to mould, what do fix to resolve the issue?

  • Billy the Fish

    More social housing homes or more unaffordable homes? Which one would actually 'solve' the housing crisis. Labour are so far from their origins it is hilarious. They are just going to be a bit less worse than the outgoing muppets, everyone will figure that out in 6-12 months time.

    & what % of PRS homes are cold and mouldy?

  • Roger  Mellie

    With furrowed brow; do they just make up a fictional boogie man and then use that to beat up on landlords? Have they forgotten S24, the tenant fees act 2019 and how tenants are protected from retaliatory evictions? Tenants have all the rights. Just keep putting the jack boot in and then wonder why landlords are leaving the market. Then who’s left, the BTR private equity and pension funds who are all about profiteering. Whatever….

  • icon

    Why does she not look at Social homes who would appear to have more problems with damp and mould than the PRS ones if we analyse all the TV reports we see and use little Awab as a guide!
    I dont know any Landlords who have issued a S21 simply to hike up the rent outside of London. However I do believe that particularly in London where the market is buoyant and rents keep rising and most Landlords employ an agent it may happen. They know they will find a new Tenant but more importantly, they will get an annual fee for Tenant finding and as long as the money comes in each month Landlords dont realise what is happening. Rayner talks about building houses but there is nothing ever about how and where or if they will be social ones!

  • icon

    Bye bye, PRS.☹️


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