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Read why is PiPoffice perfect for the property sector.

The PiPoffice business phone system provides your agents with a desk phone in a mobile app that sits on their personal smartphone, plus, a feature rich office-based phone system for your office(s). This means that everyone is connected to the same phone numbers, call plans, corporate directory, software integrations, and ring groups, within one phone system that is cost effective and efficient to manage.

The PiPoffice mobile app gives agents the best of both worlds. The call quality of the mobile voice network (unlike VoIP apps) and the functionality of a desk phone. The app is the UK’s first mobile app optimised for use on personal smartphones.

About PiPcall

PiPcall is a telecommunications company that designs, develops, builds, markets and sells mobile-led telecoms solutions for business.

PiPcall’s Phone in Phone technology (‘PiP’) provides a range of business phones through associated apps resident on a single mobile device – optimised for personal mobiles. All calls are made over high quality dedicated mobile voice networks at no cost to the user.

These innovative apps are the key elements of a new PiPoffice mobile-only system. Alternatively, it is offered as part of the PiPoffice hybrid phone system that also includes desktop apps and desk phone support, giving staff access to business phone features across multiple endpoints using the same number.

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The complete business phone system in a mobile app for property professionals

07 October 2021 15838 Views

The complete business phone system in a mobile app for property professionals

The telecoms solutions company behind "Phone-in-a-Phone" (PiP) now brings property professionals the UK's first mobile-only business phone system in an app optimised for use on an agent's own mobile phone. The app gives agents visiting properties or remote-working access to desk phone features on their mobile phone plus high-quality calls using the mobile voice network. 

Built from the ground up over three years, PiPoffice gives agents added freedom to work from multiple locations – office, home, in a cafe, with a client, or while travelling – untethered from their desk, with use of all the features and functionality of their traditional desk phone system. 

With PiPoffice, agents and sales teams visiting properties and clients or working remotely can access and make full use of their organisation’s key business phone features. These include call recording, conference calling, corporate voicemail, IVR, ring groups, call monitoring and call logging – all accessible on their mobile device, without any extra hardware or a complicated set-up process.

Unlike traditional mobile calling apps and softphones, all PiPoffice calls are made solely over the dedicated mobile voice networks which delivers the call quality of a normal mobile call. This means that agents won’t suffer through poor quality calls or risk missing an important call entirely when they’re out and about visiting properties. PiPoffice also keeps contact info and call records separate from any personal apps installed on the device. When a staff member decides to move on, the contact information of buyers and sellers stays with the agency and doesn’t go with them.

PiPoffice technology establishes a clear distinction between business and personal activity on the device and ensures that calls are charged to the organisation’s plan. As the individual user, an agent incurs no costs charged to their personal call plan when using PiPoffice on the phone. Furthermore, the PiPoffice app incurs a relatively low usage of battery capacity.

Each installed PiPoffice app comes with its Direct Dial-In (DDI) business number. Business calls, contact info, and call records on PiPoffice all remain entirely separate from any personal apps installed on the device. PiPoffice cannot access any personal calls, contacts, or data from the installed app on the mobile phone.

The innovative app is the crucial element of a new PiPoffice mobile-only system. Alternatively, the PiPoffice hybrid phone system includes the desktop app and desk phone support, giving staff access to business phone features across multiple endpoints using the same number. 

The PiPoffice app runs on both iOS and Android devices and all UK mobile networks. It integrates with popular business applications, including Teams, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Bullhorn, and Zoho.

PiPoffice is now available for UK businesses to try out for themselves as a free trial. For more information, please visit www.pipcall.com or call 0330 094 8080.

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