As you will know, tenant referencing is an essential part of the initial stages of letting your property. Making sure you choose the right tenants is vital and using one of the industry's leading referencing providers to make pre-tenancy checks is therefore essential.

HomeLet is the UK’s largest tenant referencing firm. We provide fast, accurate and reliable tenant references to landlords, helping them get the very best tenants for their rental properties. We've referenced more than a million tenants in the past three years, so you know you can rely on HomeLet to provide you with the references you need.

What sets us apart?

- We can identify debts linked to prospective tenants' current and most recent homes

- We speak to employers and previous landlords to make sure that prospective tenants earn what they say they earn and have been a good tenant in the past.

- We run validation checks on the bank details provided by the tenant to make sure it is a genuine bank account.

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Everyone needs a hero, even letting agents...

01 September 2015 1535 Views

Everyone needs a hero, even letting agents...

At HomeLet we have a team of heroes who have been helping the UK's letting agents with rent guarantees, tenant referencing and much more for over 20 years.

Similarly to many letting agents up and down the country, the success of HomeLet has been built by the hardwork and commitment of our team of everyday heroes.

When you partner with HomeLet, we provide your business with a truly personal service. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will look after every aspect of your relationship with us.

Here is a selection of HomeLet's many superpowers:

- Super strength: We offer a comprehensive and unbeatable range of services, including tenant referencing, rent guarantees and insurance. What makes our product range even stronger is that it has been designed specifically for the rental market.

- Super speed: Our team of heroes have the ability to turnaround your tenant references in double-quick time.

- Heightened senses: Our dedicated team of experts are here to listen to you and can support you over the phone or face to face, dealing with anything you might need.

- Superhuman durability: Our in-house legal and claims team bolster our offering, meaning that when you deal with HomeLet, you only deal with HomeLet.

- The power of flight: Our free, professional marketing material will get your brand up, up and away...

- 360 degree vision: Gain around-the-clock access to your very own personalised online referencing suite.

These are just some of our superpowers which could benefit your letting agency.  You can find out more about how our team of heroes could help you here.

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