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There should have been a cap on fees introduced, and a cut down on the stupid other fees agents can come up with to charge, not a total ban. As everything pans out and usual routine of today's world, i agree that those who think they are clever and abuse the system, spoil it for the rest of us honest people. I am glad to hear you walked away Albert D, £720.00 on fees?! That is just outright wrong and there is no need for this, only greed and dishonesty. As a letting agent, i couldn't give you an honest answer to how much of that fee they would actually and honestly require to cover their costs! SCN Lettings... i was in agreement with you up to the very last point you made. The agents take on phone call and fees for chasing tenants? Come on!! In my time, real estate agents like me was paid something called a 'wage' to make phone calls and chase tenants, i don't agree we should charge a tenant a fee to send a letter and make phone calls! That's exactly what is wrong in today's market... this exact mentality right here! And before you say it, when i say 'a time', no i'm not old. I'm only 30, just come from an honest place of hard work with an old passion for the job! Courts need to be easier and faster to punish the law breakers to deter them, but we are all doomed from our own stupidity and expectations of today's world! If only common sense prevailed like the old days :-( I'm actually hoping as per today's way of the world this leads to most agents increasing their fees to landlords... it won't change our fee structure to our landlords, current and new!

From: Andy V Love 04 April 2018 10:47 AM

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