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Peter Hendry
Peter Hendry
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About Me

I originally trained in and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor, talking the valuation and estate management option.
My initial work involved property valuation and estate management including commercial property.

After later becoming a Fellow of RICS I resigned before retiring as I felt that the professional body which I belonged to was not moving in the right direction publicly and heads of the organisation at the time would not engage in discussion about this.

I have pioneered and since perfected new methods to improve the way in which houses are bought and sold across the nation having conducted research into the current failures frequently occurring during this process.

These failures, cost both the public and the agents servicing their property searches a great deal of lost time and money through the inefficiencies which are currently being allowed to remain within all local housing markets throughout the country.

It is time that all of these were addressed and dealt with to bring forward a new and efficient way to transact house sales and purchases across the whole of Britain.

my expertise in the industry

I joined the property industry in 1969, trained and qualified in 1974 and have worked within its sectors ever since.
Though I've now retired, I continue to advance my theories regarding how to improve the nation's housing market in particular, based on my extensive working experience.

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Peter Hendry

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