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@Ian Sanford - this has been pretty much the case in Scotland for the past two years. Regulatory changes now call upon the landlord to install not just a smoke detector in both the ground floor and then each level thereafter but also install a smoke detector in the main living space (usually the lounge) and a heat detector in the kitchen - meaning at least four detectors in a standard two story house - all detectors must be interlinked which in itself poses new issues as a Hard Wired set of smoke detectors installed two years ago when it first became compulsory to install at least two (one on each level) are very unlikely to be compatible for interlinking with a heat detector... in most cases this means that the every smoke detector needs to be replaced for the sake of installing a heat detector in the kitchen. Furthermore, the electrical wiring now required testing every 5 years and old type fuse boards replaced by those with trip units. Landlords and agents in Scotland are also required to provide a Tenant Information pack (How To Rent document in your case), this must be provided each time the tenant renews their lease as the law requires the 30+page document to be signed for whenever a new lease is signed!! It never ends... There is also reform to the Housing Scotland Act which is due to come into effect early next year which proposes the abolition (in effect) of short assured tenancies as landlords will no longer be legally permitted to simply not renew a tenancy unless there has been a breach of the tenancy agreement - very important information for landlords based in England with properties in Scotland (there is quite a significant number) as the consultation has only be made known in Scotland so unless the Landlord has a good agent that keeps abreast of legislation and changes to the tenancy laws, or he/she has registered with the local landlords association there is every possibility that many unsuspecting landlords may find themselves in very hot water over the coming 12 months. Strangely enough, local authorities are exempt from the wiring/smoke detectors/tenant info pack requirements...it's a funny old world.

From: Stephen Crofts 10 September 2015 09:19 AM

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