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Bruce Haagensen
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About Me

Many years experience in Banking and then as an Estate Agent offering Sales, Lettings and Management.

my expertise in the industry

Many years experience as a letting Agent and Landlord as well as a former Rep and Trainer for the NLA in the North East. Currently working with North East Landlords Ltd. an Association set up for the benefit of all Landlords in the North East.

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Bruce Haagensen
Yet again she like Shelter is promoting the myth that it is the job of the PRS to house the people Councils cant and at the same rents as social housing. They forget Landlords do this as a business and merely exist to meet a demand that has appeared in the market. Instead they should be targeting Government and Councils to build more social Housing as that would reduce the demand on the PRS and so overcome all their complaints. Why do they think that Landlords as business people who invest money and subject themselves to the risks attached in owning property do not have the right to choose how they let their properties out and who to? They are merely responding to a change in market demand. It is similar to telling them they can not change jobs because they currently fulfil a role and their actions will create inconvenience and disruption for their employer. How would they like that? We have numerous building projects and are producing numerous houses for professional people and some of which are bought to be rented out. To cover the costs rents have to be market rents. What we are plainly short of is housing for those on benefits at affordable rents. However it is not as I say the job of private Landlords to meet this demand but that of Government and Local Authorities so why do they not start putting pressure on them to meet their obligations? After the two wars we embarked on building pre fabricated houses to meet the housing needs of the time, many of which are still standing and very nice. We now have much better technology to create higher quality pre fabricated houses at a lower cost to traditional ones so why doe we not use a similar strategy. Another way of meeting this demand would be for the Government to make money available for Councils to build Social Housing and for it then to be repaid from the income through arms length companies so they are not subject to Right to Buy, which is a probable contributory cause of the shortage, Effectively acting as a BTL lender for Councils. Instead of accepting the criticisms of Generation Rent and Shelter who use us a scapegoat and easy target, the NRLA should be offering solutions to Government on how to solve the problem of a shortage of social Housing and look after the interests of Private Landlords. Once Councils have an increased stock of property to rent out we will see the PRS shrink as demand reduces and Landlords look for other ways to create a return on their money

From: Bruce Haagensen 18 August 2021 21:49 PM

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