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Paul Beevers
Sadly as an Industry we have been let down by :- a) our Government who clearly don`t live in the real world that we do, b) the so called industry bastions that supposedly represent our Industry. I`m not sure I`d want ARLA NALS or any such entity negotiating my house sale for me. What real influence or effect have they really had here to represent our interests? c) the failure of Local Authorities to properly enforce much of the raft of legislation that has been created over the last ten years thus encouraging a breeding ground for poor quality Landlords and Agents Do the Government realise how difficult it is to rent a house if you have pets already before introducing their 5 week deposit brainwave? The RSPCA and Battersea very sadly are inevitably going to be busier as a result. Have the Government thought about those who want a short term six month let? Most Landlords now costs wise will want a longer term let to get value for the fees they will be paying. Show me an Agent that can re-let a property, redo the paperwork, referencing and Inventory for £50? Why would any Landlord sanction a change of any sort against that backdrop.? Yet more evidence that our Housing minister and the minions that serve have very little understanding of what we reputable agents actually do for a living and the real world in which we live. How this benefits a tenant in the long term is hard to see. Meanwhile while we are refining our business to become more efficient we are forced to engage with `time hoovers` that don`t share those values... HMRC, DPS, TDS, etc etc If the property market is indeed broken then sadly my conclusion is that those responsible for it in the corridors of power are equally so.

From: Paul Beevers 13 February 2019 18:03 PM

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