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Caz Cazza
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Caz Cazza

From: Caz Cazza 09 August 2019 09:38 AM

Caz Cazza
QUOTE " “Ministers are inviting proposals to make it easier for renters to transfer deposits directly between landlords when moving from one property to the next. Freeing up deposits and allowing a renter’s hard-earned cash to follow them from property to property – as they move to take that perfect job, to move nearer to family, or find a place that suits their changing needs – will create a fairer housing market that works for all.” WHAT! About the landlord's hard earned cash and HOW can a ONE deposit indemnify TWO landlords at the same TIME?? SCENARIO 1 - Outgoing landlord allows deposit on his property to be moved over to new property. Tenants have been good so far and promise the earth. LL goes to check his property when they have gone - i.e. cooker not cleaned, garden full of weeds, old fridge and rusted trampoline in garden etc TOO LATE - deposit given now to new landlord! SCENARIO 2 - Outgoing and Ingoing LLs come to a compromise -half of deposit moved to new LL - Tenants move out, outgoing LL checks property, £400 damages and one weeks rent arrears, but WHOOPS, only £250 left in kitty?? (BTW the average deposit in our area is £500) In both cases, tenants have no money can't save as life is too hard for them and they can never pay it back. Surprise? Are these minsters MAD? We all have to pay in this life and YES these minsters have absolutely no grip on life outside of London. GUESS WHAT! I had an idea! Why don't the government start a thing called social housing and don't charge a deposit at all and when it all goes horribly wrong the British tax payer can cover all the damage and losses. That sounds like a plan.

From: Caz Cazza 28 June 2019 23:57 PM

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