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Ajay Jagota

From: Ajay Jagota 27 July 2017 13:37 PM

Ajay Jagota
1. Do Tenants fully understand that they pay a non-refundable FEE for the product which (it is my understanding) will be more than the average deduction made from 'non-disputed' deductions? Any fee paid must be fully transparent under FCA regulation under our scheme we make it clear during the process and within our terms and conditions. 2. Do Tenants understand that, despite paying this fee, that the products either place them as financially accountable for the first 6 weeks rent (value) of any claim OR will then mean that a future product will be significantly higher having lost their 'no claims' status? This is explained and documented not only by the agents/landlords but also by ourselves at the start of our process. 3. If a Tenant is (or thinks they are) covered for X damage having paid Y- will they treat the property with less care as it isn't 'their' money on the line? The documentation and statements make it clear to tenants of their obligations under the AST and a claim can be processed by agent/landlord to recover any monies from the insurers who in turn recover claims under subrogation. 4. How expedient will the claims process be and how fair will the payouts be to Landlords? There is a Service Leval Agreement in place to process claims which are evidential based all governed under FCA regulation. 5. Whether they like it or not, these are all insurance products and, as such, should surely fall under all relevant FCA regulations. Whilst Dlighted & Insure Street acknowledge this and have FCA complaint statements on their site- Reposit states nothing of the sort & FlatFair claims it is not insurance. We are FCA Compliant. 6. In what is a crowded marketplace for a test product the question also remains that, when one of these fail (and make no mistake, at least one of them will) what protections will remain in place- especially for the companies not already FCA compliant? Does not apply as Dlighted are FCA compliant.

From: Ajay Jagota 30 June 2017 11:55 AM

Ajay Jagota

From: Ajay Jagota 31 January 2017 06:46 AM

Ajay Jagota

From: Ajay Jagota 21 January 2017 10:37 AM

Ajay Jagota

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Ajay Jagota

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