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Dee London
Dee London
Head of online marketing
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About Me

I work for a company dealing primarily with Lettings.

my expertise in the industry

I have worked in the Property Industry since 1999 (God I feel old now!), when I started out as a Secretary in a small single office in Walthamstow (back when flats where still selling for £50k!). I have worked in Administration, Sales, Property Development, Lettings, Property Management, and Marketing in those years. I have worked for my current company for over 10 years now, and it is by far the best Agency I have ever worked for.

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Dee London
We used to deal with DSS Tenants and still have some lovely DSS tenants in properties we let to them a few years back, but after the fiasco we and the Landlord of one of our flats experienced with Tower Hamlets we vowed to never deal with Housing Benefit claimants again. Of course we feel bad for turning them down as the local authorities' incompetence is not their fault, but it is our job to protect the Landlords' interest, something Tower Hamlets clearly does not care about. They insisted on a 24-month tenancy, then reduced the tenants rent payments by several hundred pounds per month, leaving him to pay the shortfall from his JSA - needless to say he could not pay the difference so we had to then approach his Guarantors (his parents, and a very unfortunate ex-girlfriend); their knowledge of housing law in general is abysmal; you get passed from pillar to post by people who all tell you different things, and most of them clearly have very little common sense; they make you jump through all thses hoops, but fail to do their part on time, - or sometimes at all. And worst of all, when the Landlords' eventually want their property back, (bearing in mind some of them are owner-occupiers who went abroad for work for a year and not professional Landlords with a large Portfolio) the Council will advise tenants not to leave, making us - or better said the Landlord - go through costly eviction proceedings. I could go on, but in the end, the blame lies solely with government and local authority policies and not Agents. Pay the agreed amount of rent on time, and in advance directly to the Landord and they may start accepting DSS tenants again, - until then, no Landord we know wants Housing Benefits claimants in their proprties. As it stands, Landlords would rather have a vacant period than let their property to a DSS tenant.

From: Dee London 29 February 2016 14:34 PM

Dee London

From: Dee London 11 November 2015 11:41 AM

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