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Algarve  Investor
Algarve Investor
Full-time overseas investor
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About Me

Spend half my time in England and half my time in Portugal, where I own and let out a number of properties ranging from apartments to villas.

my expertise in the industry

Wouldn't say I was a property expert, but my dealings with the industry in the last two decades have given me a great insight into both the good and bad sides of estate agency. Most people I've met have been professionalism personified, but not all. Which is why I get annoyed by rogue landlords and agents who live up to the greedy estate agent stereotype - it tars everyone with the same brush!

Particularly annoyed by high house prices and the inability of successive governments to build enough new houses. Very keen on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit - estate agency has the tools to lead the way when it comes to new technology (embracing this doesn't mean a rejection of traditional methods!)

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Algarve  Investor

From: Algarve Investor 23 March 2021 17:10 PM

Algarve  Investor
Free movement won't end - the modern world relies on it. And if free movement ends, what happens to the million or so Brits living in the EU? What happens to the rights of EU citizens? Those with settled status? Those without settled status but married to someone British? What happens to people who rely on easy trade and links between the UK and the EU? What happens to all the subsidies farmers rely on? What about all the initiatives enacted by the EU to clean up our beaches and prevent us from overfishing? What about food regulations? Food supplies? What about students from overseas? Are they disallowed from studying here? How do you solve the NI border problem? As for trade deals, history tells us these don't happen quickly. They happen very, very slowly, and if you're in a weak negotiating position - as Britain will be after Brexit - you get walked all over. Trump's America will make looser food regulations absolutely central to any future trade deal. That means chlorinated chicken and hormone-induced beef making its way into our supermarkets, you understand. What about the trade deal with the EU? How will that be any better than what we have now? And if we want to trade with them, we'll have to abide by EU health and safety laws/regulations. They won't change things just for us. What's more, with no deal, what's the plan? Do we stay on WTO rules forever? What about when sterling plunges to even lower levels? These are the questions Brexiteers like you have no answers to. You just say it will be alright on the night, the world and his uncle will want to do deals with us. You point the finger at the EU as this unelected, sinister body out to screw Britain and its people over. In what way is the EU a ridiculous political construct and Westminster not? Its elections are fairer, for starters. We have plenty of representation there, even if they refuse to look out for interests most of the time thanks to Farage and his merry band of wallies. What is the plan post-Brexit? Still, three years down the line, the Brexiteers have no answer to that? Making yourselves poorer, less significant on the world stage and like a petty little child who walks away when they don't get their own way doesn't seem like a very good plan. Why, after us walking away without a deal, will the EU suddenly come up with a better one? How long will the UK-US pact take to iron out? What will we get out of it? I await your answers with bated breath. Believe it or not, there's a whole country out there and most of them didn't vote for no deal. That wasn't on the ballot paper, was it? Leading Brexiteers, including Gove and BoJo, have promised, time and time again, that we would get a deal. We shouldn't be beholden to the will of a few extremists who say Brexit must happen at all costs, even if it damages the economy, our standing in the world (even further than it already has been) and causes job losses, uncertainty for residents and more and more issues.

From: Algarve Investor 03 September 2019 13:28 PM

Algarve  Investor

From: Algarve Investor 02 September 2019 16:56 PM

Algarve  Investor
Policies? Who needs policies? Much easier to rabble rouse, sow division and offer incredibly simplistic solutions to complex, nuanced problems. He says Brexit must be delivered, but what does that even mean? Should it be delivered at all costs with a crash out, incredibly harmful no deal just because the people (well, 51.9% of those who actually voted) said it should happen? And what are his plans post-Brexit, on workers rights, the environment, trade, the economy, services, citizens rights (both for EU nationals here and British nationals living in Europe), health, security, etc, etc? How are the various science projects and initiatives that rely on EU funding going to be funded? How are places like Cornwall, Wales, the North West and seaside towns going to be supported given they all receive high levels of EU funding? What about the Irish border? What will our immigration policy be? How long will it take to create new trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world? How will the trade deal be better than the one we have now? What will happen to farmers, who rely heavily on EU grants and subsidies? How long will we trade on WTO rules for? Will we keep the same regulations, food standards and health and safety rules as the EU or turn to chlorinated chicken from the US instead? These are the questions that need answering, but of course you won't hear Farage or any of the arch Brexiteers coming up with any solutions. They just shout loudly from the sidelines. Where did Farage disappear to once Brexit had happened? Oh, that's right, he was lording it up with Trump and hosting his own talk-in show. Farage doesn't give a monkey's about anyone other than Farage. He's like Boris in that respect. Only in it for himself and his own ego. The fact that so many people - including posters on these very pages - have fallen for his posh snake-oil salesman act is immensely depressing. Nigel 'Dulwich College alumni, city stockbroker, part of the establishment for years' is so far from being a man of the people it's not even funny. A charlatan, a serial liar and an expenses cheat to boot - yes, he's definitely the man to run our country!

From: Algarve Investor 30 May 2019 09:01 AM

Algarve  Investor
And what is Brexit? People seem to have a hundred million different viewpoints on what that means. Some want a clean break, some want a close relationship with Europe, some want to pick and choose the best parts and leave behind the parts they don't like, others don't want to Brexit at all, some want to try and appease both Leave and Remain voters (as arguably should be the case after an incredibly close vote), and others want a Norway, Canada or bespoke deal. How can you possibly please all of those people? It's why a simple yes/no binary question in the referendum was so breathtakingly stupid and irresponsible. Equally hare-brained was not making it clear whether the government was advisory - i.e. the government doesn't have to pay attention if it's going to cause economic disaster - or legally binding. This lack of clarity has allowed 'the will of the British people' nonsense to take over and dictate all our lives. May and the Tories have done a spectacularly awful job of negotiating Britain's exit from the EU, but I don't envy them one bit. It was an impossible job, made even more impossible by May losing the Tories' majority. If, God help us, Boris gets in, he'll come up against exactly the same problems - and Boris is an even worse diplomat than May. He's also far less intelligent. What have we really gained from this silly, needless and idiotic referendum other than three years of division, uncertainty, speculation, misery and chaos - not to mention making Britain a laughing stock on the world stage? I blame David Cameron for all of this. Can we all please boycott his upcoming book as payback for him screwing over the country and then swanning off into the sunset? Least he deserves. Anyway, Brexit rant over!

From: Algarve Investor 20 May 2019 15:59 PM

Algarve  Investor

From: Algarve Investor 02 June 2016 10:05 AM

Algarve  Investor
In what way? Buy to leave is a disgrace. And I say that as someone who has investments overseas. Difference being, I let my homes out throughout the year to tourists and holiday makers. My properties are very rarely empty, especially in the peak summer and early autumn months. The people who buy up properties in London just to sit on them and watch their value grow are only there to make a quick buck. You could argue that is what any investor is doing - speculating to accumulate - but that's only because Boris Johnson is making London such an attractive place for wealthy investors who have no interest in working, living or spending their money in the capital. They simply want to mine their assets for all its worth and then move on. Why can't these properties be let out at affordable rates? What is the point of them sitting empty for 11 months of the year? There are whole tower blocks springing up that will be purchased by the Buy to Leave brigade. What's the point? There is a housing crisis in London, yet there is plenty of housing to go around. There are so many empty and uninhabited properties in London that could be used for rental purposes or, at the very least, as somewhere for people to stay when the visit. At the moment these homes have no use. That's not good enough. It's got nothing to do with Big Brother. It's exactly the right move to clamp down on this sort of thing. Other countries have far stricter rules on foreign investors buying up property - as it should be. It's the same in places like Cornwall. Rich folk from the city buying up homes that don't serve a function for most of the year - a bit like Wimbledon or the Olympic Stadium (until West Ham move in, that is).

From: Algarve Investor 11 April 2016 13:01 PM

Algarve  Investor

From: Algarve Investor 11 April 2016 12:54 PM

Algarve  Investor

From: Algarve Investor 11 June 2015 11:22 AM

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