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Sue Kelly
More than 20% of workers in the UK earn less than the so-called living wage of £8.45 an hour. We will always need people to carry out jobs that do not require a college/university education but these people should be paid enough to afford a roof over their head. As should single parents who can't work full time due to childcare responsibilities. I agree with a lot of what Richard says. The financial systems across the world need mending but that's unlikely to happen any time soon. Money was spent by Jo Public prior to the crash but I believe the blame firmly lies at the door of greedy bankers and their wealthy clients who have salted billions offshore in tax free havens. Young people prior to the crash were pushed into home ownership by "financial advisers" desperate for commission offering loans at 7 times annual salary with no deposit. Of course they defaulted because the mortgage was unaffordable and the homes they'd bought dropped in value and left them with negative equity. Credit card limits increased three or four times a year to levels that were totally unsustainable. That's where a lot of the money went. Yes people spent money they couldn't afford but they didn't take the country to the brink. Massive funds were spent bailing out the greedy bankers followed by quantitative easing. Some of this did find it's way back to those that really needed it to compensate them for mis-sold financial products and PPI. And getting back to wages... many employers have paid ridiculously low wages for years expecting the government to make up the difference through in-work benefits. If employers can't afford to pay employees a real living wage then they shouldn't be in business. The same goes for landlords who charge extortionate rents for substandard housing. Where they have very little equity in the property they need to understand that they are merely middle men creaming money off those least able to afford it. That doesn't mean that there are no ethical landlords out there. I know there are many. They've also been conned into believing that the pension hits and dire savings rates they've suffered can be replaced by money made from property investment and letting property. Many are finding out this is a flawed investment strategy as they're perpetually at the mercy of whatever government is in power. Austerity doesn't work and isn't necessary and it's time the poorest amongst us were not made to suffer in the name of a political ideology that has shown time and time again to be deeply flawed. Feel better having got that off my chest :-)

From: Sue Kelly 15 June 2018 18:20 PM

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