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Craig  W
The housing minister is nothing but a puppet for the countries rich and elite. This has absolutely nothing to do with helping tenants and saving money. There is a very clear agenda to wipe out the small landlord and as many letting agents as possible to make way for the rich and corporate companies. Abolishment of relief from mortgage interest, increased stamp duty, ban on letting agents fees. What is the real result? The average landlord can no longer afford to be in the market and letting agents go out of business. In step the rich corporates to take over with build to rent and most other aspects of buy to let as well as becoming large and dominating letting agents which we are already starting to see. A cap would be confusing! What a load of nonsense! A set fee is anything but confusing. If confusion is an issue then ban stamp duty, afterall the new system is more confusing than its ever been! If a tenant tenant saves say £200 on letting fees is that really going to be the difference between getting on the housing ladder and not? If the government care so much about helping tenants why dont they stop banks and mortgage advisors and solicitors from charging fees? Afterall they are the DIRECT source of cost for someone who wants to BUY a property. Not ALL tenants want to buy! As ban letting fees to so call help tenants get on the housing ladder, they may as well ban sky from charging tenants to watch movies and sports, using the same excuse of they cant afford to buy a house because of it and the packages are all confusing! This has nothing at all to do with helping tenants, they know full well that rents are likely to rise making tenant costs higher on average and fees to landlords are likely to rise, pushing small landlords out of the buy to let market. ONLY THE STRONG & RICH SURVIVE.

From: Craig W 16 September 2017 09:03 AM

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