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Lindsay Warren
We only ever reference one application per property at a time; we make it clear to anyone who applies after we have accepted an application that the property has already been deemed provisionally let subject to acceptable references. If that applicant fails their check and we are unable to proceed, we shall then contact any other interested party and invite them to submit an application. Some of the fees we see listed are breath taking - as with Alistair we cover our costs in carrying out the required checks, we do not take a holding deposit and we do not load the actual deposit either. And the fee is seen as a gesture of good faith in applying for the property. Rarely does a tenant pull out. We fear that there will be Landlord's currently letting through an Agent who are unwilling to swallow the costs of referencing, decide to manage their properties themselves, fail to carry out the Right to Rent checks, provide the How to Rent guide and fail to complete their obligations to the extent that a whole new set of private Landlords are created who may not then act in the Tenants best interests when it comes to safety, risk and legislative requirements. How many of those new private Landlords will attend legal update courses, submit deposits correctly or even provide an inventory and then wonder why they get hammered when the tenant decides to use retaliatory eviction because the paperwork was incorrectly created or not created at all. Ahhh....of course.....the Government will then say Landlords will need to be registered or licensed, they will have to abide by a code of conduct and they will all have to pay for the pleasure....forgive me...isn't that mostly what an Agent does already, on their behalf? We see a whole lot more legislation and stealth taxes on the horizon. We challenge a Member of Parliament who supports these changes to the Fee's to spend a day with us here in the office. We are a family business, we have been around for more than twenty years and we are proud of how hard we work for all parties.....come and see for your self Mr or Mrs MP the work that Agents such as us actually do! And after 14 years, still enjoy - mostly!

From: Lindsay Warren 23 November 2016 10:49 AM

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