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Rob  Davies
Hmm, and why is the demand so high in the PRS at the moment? Is it because buy-to-let landlords, like your good self, get generous tax breaks and easier to acquire mortgages that makes it easier for them to buy properties, while young people and first-time buyers are squeezed out of the market? I can't see the issue with licensing in the PRS if it drives up standards. Which, no matter how much you landlords want to bury your heads in the sand, is an issue. We read about it all the time. There are whole programmes on TV about it. Unrepresentative and blown out of proportion, yes, but there is a huge problem with rogue landlords and that problem is only growing. All this good/bad landlords stuff doesn't really hold up to scrutiny, either. It's the same with agents. As I've seen during my short time in the industry, there are excellent agents, there are good agents, there are average agents, there are bad agents, and there are ones who should never have been given the job in the first place. Same with landlords. It's not simply a straightforward divide between good and bad - to stop as many rogue landlords as possible from slipping through the net, we need to put barriers in their way. Licensing is one way of doing that, and it's really not that costly, is it? You know, not with the rental yields you can achieve, particularly in London. I just don't get this poor me attitude from landlords. No-one is asking you to be a landlord, it's your own persona choice. The idea that you're just going to make a load of money without any checks, regulation or legislation is nonsense. We expect most professions to pass a fit and proper person test - this is something estate agency doesn't do, to its shame - before they become employed. If landlords insist on calling themselves professionals and businesses, start acting like it. Pubs are licensed, aren't they? Cabs. Restaurants. Why should landlords be any different?

From: Rob Davies 14 August 2015 11:59 AM

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