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Robert Ulph
Robert Ulph
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I have been in the industry 27 years and am the ARLA Propertymark board member for East of Englsnd

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27 Years in Lettings & Sales

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Robert Ulph
I am confused as to what they actually want to ban now, Baroness Grender wants ALL fees that are related to anything a tenant has to pay THROUGHOUT the tenancy. This is just not correct as agents have legitimate costs to cover in doing these jobs. I worked out with the assistance of ARLA 17 hours per property of time is required to get someone moved in. OK we accept a ban is going to happen. I would be happy to agree to a reference fee ban to tenants, but not a tenancy fee charge ban which tenants pay to draw it up. If tenants want an extension to the tenancy instead of going periodic, they should have to pay for this as well NOT the Landlord. As long as the Agent/Landlord gives them a choice to roll over periodically for no charge. The check out fee Ok this is not much money for us £60 and maybe we can look to include this in a Landlords package or shared equally with both parties. Now this is what I call a consultation and not a blanket BAN on everything as this will just further affect stock as Landlords decide that these extra costs plus new tax legislation makes letting out property non profitable. What is the government going to do with these extra hundred of thousand of homeless people when there are not enough homes being built to house them. The government needs the Private rental sector, when will they understand this instead of constant attacking the profitability of the private investor. Banning all fees with increase costs to Landlords FACT and this WILL increase costs to tenants via the rent or lack of stock pushing rents up if Landlords leave the market.

From: Robert Ulph 20 January 2017 10:11 AM

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