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Vanessa Warwick
As I was directly involved, please allow me to say what actually happened. I received a confrontational approach from Henry Pryor on twitter yesterday morning which I responded to trying to assist him. I sent him a couple of links but he said they didn’t answer his questions. I told him that Property Tribes was only an information sharing channel and allows all views to be heard and that he would be welcome to post them on Property Tribes, if he had concerns about the Tenant Tax campaign causing distress to tenants, because he said that they were reading about it on PT. By that same channel, he could also use his opinion to reassure them via the same medium they were reading about it on. He informed me that he had ALREADY deleted his account and he wanted to debate it all on twitter, despite him already having claimed that tenants were reading it on PT, so it’s unlikely they would see it on twitter? I explained that I was struggling to answer his questions in 140 characters, and he took that to mean that avoiding being held accountable to his questions. Now to an important piece of missing information. I then phoned him and asked him politely how I could assist his understanding of the campaign. During a 25 minute phone call, he explained that I was damaging my brand by giving credibility to a false campaign. I explained that I am just an information sharer. I thanked him for his concern over my personal brand and that I had taken on board his views that the Tenant Tax is the wrong name for the campaign and that I was not involved in choosing the name. He wanted hard statistics about how many landlords would be affected, but I explained to him that part of the problem was that no impact statement or research had been done by Government, and I suggested that he contact the Treasury to ask them why they hadn’t done an impact statement. That seemed to satisfy him or he didn’t have the guts to tell me otherwise. He subsequently claimed I had “ducked out of the argument because I didn’t have the good grace to admit that I had lost it”. I did not duck out of any argument and I had the good grace to call him and try and resolve his issues with me in an amicable and professional matter and believed I had done so. I wonder why he didn’t mention that when contacted by reporters? Henry Pryor saying he deleted his account because of his opposition to my approach is the same as saying he’s deleted his Sky account because he didn’t like or agree with what the newsreader reported. No one forced him to read Property Tribes just as no one forced him to watch Sky News. He could have got the same story from the BBC or ITV. He attacked the messenger, not the message and I was polite and civil towards him. It’s a shame he didn’t afford me the same courtesy. I also explained that the Tenant Tax campaign is being run by a group of industry stake-holders and that the coalition were behind it, and that Property Tribes was the information sharing channel for the week’s campaign. I am not Property Tribes just as Simon Shinerock is not TODAY. The very fact that I asked him to share his views on PT shows that it is nothing more than an information sharing channel and the same people who he was concerned about could be communicated with there. My view does not come into it, otherwise than, as a landlord, I support the fight against S24, and the even bigger picture is that if the government succeed here, then what next attack on the landlord community will they come up with?! Thank you for reading this lengthy post and please do refer to the twitter stream for verification.

From: Vanessa Warwick 05 April 2017 23:40 PM

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