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Anon Ace
IN the past, we had no problems renting to people on housing benefits. Although the rent the council paid was lower and in arrears, it was nearly guaranteed by the state. If the housing benefit was stopped, the letting agent could sort things out by speaking to the council. The rent was always paid directly the landlord (or his/her agent). Then in 2008, the Labour government changed the housing benefit system. They introduced the LHA system. Instead of the rent being paid directly into the to the letting agent bank account, it went directly into the tenant's bank account. They were supposed to pay the agent. However, the tenants could not budget their finances or spent the money on other things. The council still carrying on putting money into the tenant's bank account, even if the tenant was not paying the rent. The letting agent I used, specialised in housing benefit tenants, but they were pulling their hairs out, when the LHA system was introduced. They were struggling to collect the rent from tenants, who kept their phones off, did not answer letters. Angry landlords, were phoning up the agency and asking them where is my rent. Those agencies, then decided to get out dealing with housing benefit tenants and just focus on working tenants. The system has been broken for years. Did Shelter do the fair and honest thing and campaign for direct payment? Housing Associations and Council get their rent paid directly. This is clearly injustice. The Government is working to introduce Universal Credit, so just like private landlords, the housing benefit for council and housing associations tenants will be paid directly to the tenant. Shelter claimed it would cause huge problems for housing associations and council, because they would not get the rent paid!! Shelter should loose its charity status, as it behaves as a political group.

From: Anon Ace 23 August 2018 15:01 PM

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