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KEYWORD "Fly-Tipping" - 5 RESULTS
Council drops lettings licensing plan after massive backlash

This is a rare story: a council has dropped a plan for a lettings licensing scheme as a result of 900...

13 February 2018

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Dawn raid finds shocking 35-man overcrowding in three-bed house

A dawn raid on a home in north London has discovered 35 men bedding down on mattresses in every room except...

21 September 2017

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Another day, another council considering more selective licensing

Yet another local authority is considering introducing selective licensing of private rental property. Luton council has issued a statement saying that within...

13 July 2017

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Recycling charges - another back-door tax on buy to let?

What appears at first sight to be a low-level dispute between a landlord and a council has raised what may be...

06 December 2016

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Hefty fine for buy to let owner who dumped rubbish from rental flats

A landlord has received a £5,620 court bill after he pleaded guilty to three fly tipping offences. John Hills - who ironically...

07 October 2016

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