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Agents have “toughest job” in era of high rent rises - claim

Letting agents have the toughest job trying to balance the needs of landlord and tenants while politicians create uncertainty around the...

03 July 2024

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Expect more rent rises in July following long-term trend

Rents in June 2024 rose by 6.7% year-on-year, according to the latest figures from the Goodlord Rental Index.  The Index, which analyses...

02 July 2024

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Rents may be rising again over the summer - new prediction

The latest Rental Index from PropTech platform Goodlord shows rents hit their highest levels since October over the last month.  Rents across...

05 June 2024

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Rent rises moderating as market stabilises ahead of summer

The latest Rental Index from Goodlord reveals that rents are now up by 5.7% over the year.  The price per property over...

02 May 2024

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Agents should help “hard-pressed tenants” urges industry figure

A deposit alternative company is calling on agents to help tenants save an average of £1,000 on up-front costs. Flatfair chief executive...

04 April 2024

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Industry boss slams government for ‘grandstanding’ on rent issues

HomeLet and Let Alliance’s chief executive Andy Halstead has called for less “government grandstanding” and more direct action to recognise the...

03 April 2024

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Latest Rent Changes and Voids revealed in fresh analysis

The latest Rental Index from PropTech supplier Goodlord has recorded a rent rise and a reduction in void lengths over the...

04 March 2024

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Tenants itemise top three priorities in new survey

A survey by one of the industry’s deposit alternative services, flatfair, shows that - unsurprisingly - over 61 per cent rank...

12 January 2024

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Annual rent rise in England still near double digits

The latest rental index from Goodlord shows average rents in England rose nearly nine per cent higher across 2023. In 2022, rents...

09 January 2024

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Rental demand staying high despite approach of Christmas

The latest Rental Index from PropTech firm Goodlord has shown that year-on-year rents are up by 7.3 per cent across England...

06 December 2023

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Utter Chaos! - one industry supplier’s analysis of high rent rises

The latest edition of the HomeLet Rental Index shows a near double-digit average annual rent rise across the UK. Renters can now...

02 November 2023

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Pressure from High Demand As Intense As Ever - new stats

Rent levels and voids held steady over the past month with strong demand keeping annual price growth at nearly eight per...

06 October 2023

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Rents rising again after New Year pause

The latest HomeLet rental index shows that UK average rental prices are continuing to rise after a previous drop in prices...

14 April 2023

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Lettings Market - latest figures for Rents and Voids

The latest Rental Index from Goodlord shows a mixed market with rents holding steady but voids increasing in certain regions. The cost...

02 February 2023

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Supply shortage set to get worse in 2023 - warning

New data from flatshare site SpareRoom reveals that rents reached an all-time high in Q4 2022, with the average UK room...

16 January 2023

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Double Digit Rent Rises despite seasonal slowdown

The latest rental index from Goodlord shows rents down over the past month, with voids inching up.  All seven English regions monitored...

05 December 2022

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More agents buy rent protection insurance as arrears worry grows

Data from different firms suggest there’s been an upsurge in the purchase of rent protection insurance by agents. Firstly Goodlord and Vouch...

24 November 2022

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Soaring inflation could trigger major arrears problem - warning

A player in the rental insurance field is warning that the growing cost of living crisis makes it more important than...

04 March 2022

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Demand for rental properties still strong as winter bites

Void periods dropped across England during November as demand for rental properties continued apace.  According to the latest Goodlord rental index some...

03 December 2021

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Voids inch up as rental market appears near to peak

The latest rental index from PropTech platform Goodlord shows voids inching up - although still remaining much lower than the long-term...

04 October 2021

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Sharp uplift in tenant demand as lockdown starts to ease

A quarterly index suggests that there’s been a sharp uplift in tenant demand for rental properties across the UK’s major cities...

08 April 2021

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Lettings market in good shape as voids dip and rents firm up

February was another strong month for the lettings market according to the latest rental index from PropTech firm Goodlord. The average cost...

03 March 2021

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Voids increase across the board but market otherwise proving resilient

The latest market snapshot for the private lettings sector shows rents holding steady into 2021 but voids increasing across the board. The...

02 February 2021

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Rent levels - London drops but most regions still rising

The latest monthly rental index produced by insurance provider HomeLet shows a four per cent surge in the all-UK average rent...

06 October 2020

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Exclusive: Rental market may quickly bounce back, new analysis shows

A new analysis reveals three key figures that suggest the rental market will bounce back from the lockdown and the Coronavirus...

27 April 2020

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Rental market back in business with 30% surge in demand in April

Demand for homes to rent has surged back by some 30 per cent in the two weeks to April 14 according...

21 April 2020

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Market snapshot: Voids reducing slightly, but rents dipping too

The latest rental index from PropTech firm Goodlord shows some regions enjoying lower void periods with others slower to stabilise.  Specifically, the...

07 November 2019

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Average GB rent almost exactly £1,000 pcm says Countrywide

Countrywide’s monthly rental index - based on achieved rather than advertised rents on newly let properties - says the average rent...

15 October 2019

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Void periods on the rise as market slumps in September

A rental market slump in September has led to a rise in average void periods across many parts of England and...

03 October 2019

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Rents at all time high, according to latest HomeLet index

Rents have reached an all time high across the UK according to HomeLet. Its latest index says the average rent in the...

13 September 2019

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Rents soar across the country, but falter in London and South East

Average rents performed strongly across many parts of the country last month, but floundered in London and the South East. Goodlord's Rental...

05 July 2019

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£2m of new acquisition deals to come, says franchise giant Belvoir

Belvoir, the UK's largest property franchise, says its trading during the first quarter of this year suggests it’s outperforming its expectation...

17 May 2019

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Countdown to the fees ban: rents are still rising, says HomeLet

Average rents across the UK continue to rise ahead of the introduction of the Tenant Fees Act next month, according to...

13 May 2019

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Stagnant London market weighs down on national rental growth

A slow rental market in London is weighing down on growth across the rest of the UK, according to the latest...

10 May 2019

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Average rents growing at highest rate since 2016, index shows

The average rent in the UK increased by 0.13% last month - the highest level of monthly growth recorded since April...

07 September 2018

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Government is forcing more landlords to quit, top agency claims

Belvoir says more landlords are selling up and fewer newcomers are investing in the private rental sector because of increased legislation...

24 August 2018

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Rental stock plummets in past two years says Hamptons

There are now five per cent fewer homes to let now than two years ago, says Countrywide in its rebranded Hamptons...

14 May 2018

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Agency’s ‘decade of data’ shows transformation of rental sector

Belvoir has published what it calls ‘a decade of data’ tracking the changes in the private rental sector since 2008, when...

20 April 2018

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Rents will rise this year - and it's the fault of government, insists Belvoir

The head of franchise giant Belvoir says government interference in the rental sector is likely to result in a rise in...

23 January 2018

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Rents fell in real terms in 2017 says HomeLet

Latest data from HomeLet suggests that typical rents across the UK have fallen in real terms over the past 12 months. Average...

20 December 2017

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Average rent up only 1.5 pr cent in past year says The DPS

The average UK rent increased just £11.55 or 1.51 per cent over the last year according to The Deposit Protection Service. The new DPS...

14 November 2017

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Election and Brexit uncertainty delaying tenant moves, says Landbay

The prospect of today's General Election as well as ongoing uncertainty surrounding Britain's exit from the European Union is having a...

08 June 2017

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Landmark moment as average rents fall for first time in eight years

Average UK rents fell in May, according to the latest HomeLet Rental Index. The figures show that the average UK rent on...

06 June 2017

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Zoopla data chief joins board of HomeLet's parent company

Mark Witherspoon, the data services director at ZPG, has joined the board of Barbon Insurance Group, which operates the HomeLet and...

11 April 2017

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Major letting agency warns: tax changes will push up rents

Belvoir says new figures from across its network of agents shows that the government is wrong to claim that renting is...

03 March 2017

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HomeLet warns that rents could start to fall in near future

Rents in the UK were an average of just 0.7 per cent higher last month than in January 2016, the latest...

03 February 2017

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London's biggest rent drop for six years caused by 32% stock rise

The average London rent in November was 0.7 per cent lower than last year - not an enormous fall but nonetheless...

12 December 2016

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Tenants now pay over £1,000 per month for typical one-bed property

The average rent for a one-bedroom property was £1,010 in August, according to the latest Landbay Rental Index. Between July and August,...

13 September 2016

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Rents across the country rising faster than in London

Average rents for single rooms across the UK increased at a faster rate than those in London, according to spareroom.co.uk. The rental...

02 June 2016

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Number of single tenants falling as families and sharers enter PRS

The number of tenancies signed by a single tenant has fallen, according to the latest HomeLet Rental Index. Last year, tenants living...

15 March 2016

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Survey reveals towns and cities seeing biggest rent rises in 2015

New research from HomeLet reveals that Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh and Newcastle recorded the largest increase in rents last year amongst the...

12 January 2016

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Rents dip as Christmas nears - but they've risen 4% in 2015

Another rental index suggests there has been a seasonal dip in rents - although across England and Wales as a whole...

18 December 2015

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Seasonal slowdown hits rent levels according to new lettings index

A seasonal slowdown has hit the lettings sector with rents dipping 0.4 per cent in November to a UK monthly average...

16 December 2015

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'90% of landlords won't raise rents in next six months' says HomeLet

A survey by HomeLet suggests that nine in 10 landlords do not intend to raise rents on their existing tenancies during...

09 December 2015

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Average rents in Britain only 3.5 per cent higher than in late 2008

Figures from the 211-office agency Belvoir shows that average rents in Britain exceed the pre-downturn late 2008 figure by a mere...

25 November 2015

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Rightmove's 'largest letting stock' index shows rents rising outside London

Rightmove says rents across England and Wales, outside London, are up 1.3 per cent in the past three months according to...

09 October 2015

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The power of an account manager

Our team of heroes have been helping thousands of UK letting agents for the past 20 years, during this time we...

06 October 2015

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Rental market strongest for three bedroom houses claims new index

Rents are rising faster for three bedroom homes than for any other property type. They show a rise of 4.6 per cent...

25 September 2015

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Countrywide reports record proportion of landlords increasing rents

No fewer than 45 per cent of tenants renewing their tenancies were given rent increases in August, the highest since Countrywide's...

22 September 2015

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New lettings index claims unique level of insight into market

A new lettings sector index to be launched later this month claims new “insight into the UK private rented sector.” The index...

15 September 2015

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Rents up everywhere as new tenants flock to cities

HomeLet’s rental index figures for June shows another rise with average rents outside of London now standing at £747 per month,...

17 July 2015

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New Rightmove index shows out-of-London rent surge

Tenants trying to find cheaper and better value letting properties than those available in London are moving outside the capital -...

15 July 2015

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Rents rising across UK as London breaks £1,500 pcm barrier

Rents have risen in all parts of the UK in the past three months with Greater London average rents now exceeding...

15 June 2015

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Rental Index


28 May 2015

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Scottish rents rise at highest annual rate for five months

Average Scottish rents recorded in April increased by 1.6% in a year, according to Your Move’s latest Scottish Rental Index.  This is...

27 May 2015

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'40% of landlords use rent as main income' - survey

A new survey suggests 40 per cent of landlords derive their main source of income from letting property. The study of 500...

27 April 2015

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28 May 2015

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