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Who are you?

Dave Hunt

What does it say on your business card?

Business Development Director at ARPM Outsourced Lettings Support

What’s your property background?

I’ve been working within the outsourced property services arena now for over 10 years, previously working within the world of conveyancing and as Managing Director of a nationwide inventory provider,  before joining ARPM in 2011.

How can ARPM Outsourced Lettings Solutions help a letting agency?

ARPM is dedicated to optimising letting agents businesses through the provision of reliable, consistence back-office services.   We provide tenancy administration, rent collection, property management and renewals solutions, which can all be white-labelled – without charge - in the Client name.

Our Clients can literally cherry pick the services they require.   So for instance, a letting agent may have the staff to deal with tenancy administration and rent collection, but no one qualified or experienced enough to deal with property management – so they could outsource this aspect to us.

What do you think makes outsourcing so popular amongst letting agents?

Most lettings professionals will agree that dealing with property management, rent collection and tenancy administration is hard work and can detract significantly from the core practice of sourcing new properties and matching suitable tenants. 

Our services allows staff within lettings businesses to focus purely on developing and growing their portfolios, which in turn helps to create an even stronger brand presence within their area of operation.  Basically, we provide lettings without the headache.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

For me, the most satisfying part of my job is having the benefit of working with such a diverse range of different people (Clients and team members) who all have one common goal – ‘to do a great job’.  It can be hard to find a working environment where 100% of the team care about honesty, hard work and integrity – however, at ARPM we have this in abundance.  Likewise, our Clients also share this passion and enthusiasm, as each of them have chosen to outsource as they want their lettings businesses to provide the best service possible to their Landlords and Tenants.

House or apartment?

House (with a turret please!)

City or countryside?


Modern and stylish or period and original?

Period and original

Rent or buy?

I can see the benefits of both…

Kirstie Allsopp or Phil Spencer?

It’s not possible to call – they’re the perfect business partnership!