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Having undertaken a complete review of all their transactions, Debra Frampton, Managing Director of UK Sales Progressors, who pioneered the outsourced sales progression service within the estate agency industry, was thrilled with these results having also identified that they have an overall retention rate of 82%. “These figures show that there is real value in having a separate team who specialise in the post-sale service delivering a great customer experience to reflect that already provided by the sales team, whether agents choose to centralise it in-house, or as more agents are now doing, outsource it.”

Debra went on to say “it was obvious that when someone has a great idea that clearly works, others would follow, and the winners here will be the agents. Once they fully embrace the concept of being able to concentrate on running their business, their sales team focusing on sales, a more cost effective way of managing their resources, then outsourcing their sales progression should be an easy choice”

The team at UKSP has worked really hard to reduce the fall through rate over the past year. Their terrific results have been achieved due to the experience of the team, and the sales progressors’ sheer determination to see the buyers and sellers get the results they want. In addition UKSP work in a unique way with their clients as the sales progressors blend seamlessly into the agents’ operation as an extension of their team.

UKSP is also pleased to announce they have now after months of testing, finally launched SalesPro; their bespoke software built to support the operation to make the sales progressors’ personal service more effective. Communication is imperative so detailed updates are sent to clients in the form of links directly into specific files available 24/7 but without the need for yet another username and password.

It is worth mentioning that UKSP is a totally independent company therefore allowing agents the freedom to choose which solicitors they use. UK Sales Progressors is purely engaged in offering a proactive, exceptional sales progression experience. They do not offer their services for free, however with minimal fall through rates, agents save thousands per year in abortive costs, therefore they clearly pay for themselves!

Testimonial provided by Pure Properties, Coventry: “Since using UK Sales Progressors’ service our client satisfaction has improved greatly as after-sales is one of the key areas where potential problems and issues in our relationship with our customers can arise. The fact that we can pass over our clients to their team at such a critical time with no worries shows the faith we have in their excellent work and professionalism. In addition we have a minimal fall through rate.”

To find out more about UK Sales Progressors please see http://www.uksalesprogressors.co.uk