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A new year, a new name for ARPM

ARPM Property Management has been successfully providing comprehensive services in the area of outsourced lettings for many years now.  So why the name change? Dave Hunt, Business Development Director at ARPM explains all.

So what was the rationale behind the name change?

“ARPM has never just offered property management services, however the name ARPM Property Management suggested that was all we did.  With that in mind, it was decided to re-brand to ARPM Outsourced Lettings Support which provides a much better representation of the services which we can assist lettings businesses with”.

So what services do ARPM Outsourced Lettings Support provide?

“Our current portfolio includes, tenancy administration, rent collection, property management and related services.  Each service can be white-labelled too”.

Can a letting agent select to use ARPM for one service only?

“Yes, indeed they can.  Our clients can literally cherry pick the services they require.  So for instance, a letting agent may have the staff to deal with tenancy administration and property management, but no one qualified or experienced enough to deal with rent collection – so they could outsource this aspect to us.  Property Management is normally the most favoured aspect to outsource as it tends to alleviate most of the stress away from business owners!”.

Are you ever in competition with your clients?

“No, not at all.  We do not own, manage or have any association with front office lettings services.  We simply provide outsourced back-office services to our Clients.  Our Clients are purely lettings related businesses and we do not offer services directly to landlords either”.

Why does outsourcing work so well?

“Outsourcing to ARPM can help almost every lettings business become more profitable and efficient.  By outsourcing to us it allows businesses to meet their short term and long term goals almost immediately.  Outsourcing is perfect for small and start-up lettings businesses looking to take advantage of our professional memberships, our tried and tested methodologies and our software packages.  Equally, outsourcing is ideal for agents whose lettings businesses are growing rapidly, or for those who need to redeploy staff to sales”.

Any further changes for 2014?

“Well, our business evolves constantly so there are always changes a foot!  Our standalone renewals service is shortly going live, which we are all very excited about and within the next few weeks our redesigned website will be taking centre stage.  The website has been a labour of love as we wanted to make it fresh, easy on the eye and furthermore really tailored to our different clients and the services most appropriate to them”.

Find out how you can benefit from outsourcing to ARPM Outsourced Lettings Support by contacting us today for a no-obligation consultation. 

Tel: 01923 775 705     Email: tellmemore@arpm.co.uk      www.arpm.co.uk


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