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Many believe that the odd bit of DIY is harmless, right? Well if the findings from DSL Direct are anything to go by then that’s far from the truth. In a survey of over 2,000 people, it has found that when it comes to doing it yourself when maintaining your home, it is a sure-fire way to create an argument.

Altering a home is a must for many, whether it’s for an extension, conversion, home improvement or a bit of redecorating, but many think they’re capable of carrying out the work themselves, leading to a whole heap of problems.

The main implications of attempting and failing with DIY tasks are as follows:

Relationship Breakdown Ok, you might think this sounds a little extreme, but think about it. How many times have you asked a friend, partner or relative to carry out a DIY task in your home and it caused an argument? Have you ever asked a loved one to complete work, only to be left waiting for them to start, or they take too long to complete the work?

This survey has found that 42% of DIY tasks have ended in some form of disagreement, so you have to ask, is it really worth arguing over? Here at JH Building & Maintenance we understand that each customer’s needs are different, and provide unrivalled property maintenance to the highest quality, however big or small the job is.

Costing more than it needs to Often you might consider carrying work out yourself, believing you’ll be able to cut the price with a bit of DIY.

However this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of those who choose to attempt work themselves may be less than experienced in the property maintenance field, unlike the guys at JH Building & Maintenance. This inexperience will often mean homeowners will have to cough up at a later date to get the work done properly, with Britons collectively spending £169m every year on repair work. Even a small job like adding a lick of paint to a room can lead to high financial costs, as mistakes are regularly made such as spilling paint, knocking holes in a wall and damaging electrics.

The latter is a common problem, which can not only be costly to refit, but can also be a health hazard. The team of property maintenance specialists at JH Building & Maintenance are fully qualified to deal with electrical work, and are here to help before you do some serious damage. Death Wish?

Many of us think of ourselves as masters of DIY; a recent study claimed that 13% of us think we’re 'great' at DIY while 39% believe they have 'average' skills. However, it appears that a lot of Brits are overestimating their maintenance ability, as 1 in 4 of those surveyed have ended up in hospital as a result of a property related injury. Whether it’s falling off of a ladder, getting electrocuted or nailing yourself to the wall, these can all be avoided by calling in the professionals.

The survey also found that one of the worst cities in the UK for DIY is London, and as property maintenance specialists operating in South-East London, we’re here to make transform your properties, both in a cost-effective and safe manner. Unloading the work to a set of skilled and experienced tradesmen will not only save you time, money and perhaps even your health, but it will also save you from getting into any unnecessary disputes with a loved one.

Don’t believe us?

Why not take a look at a set of testimonials from our property maintenance clients to see how our home improvement work could leave you pleased with your freshly updated home. For more information on the range of services that we offer, get in touch with us on: 0208 697 5622. Alternatively, you can email us at info@jhbm.co.uk https://www.jhbm.co.uk/index.php/is-this-the-end-for-home-diy

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