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Specialist supplier Rent4sure leads the way on referencing and insurance services for letting agents

14 November 2016 2688 Views

Specialist supplier Rent4sure leads the way on referencing and insurance services for letting agents

Throughout 2016 Rent4sure has been advancing its products, system and service to increase support for agents and their landlords throughout England and Wales. The result is a new range
of relevant, quality products designed to meet specific requirements, and an innovative, secure, intuitive cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

Ongoing staff development at all Rent4sure’s UK offices means customers can also rely on expert, efficient and friendly service whenever they need it.

Our customers have benefited from some great changes in 2016

• A comprehensive Right to Rent check facility – making it easy to comply with complex legislation and to integrate these checks seamlessly into the referencing process.

• Further advances in rigorous Anti-Money Laundering checks with a new MRZ Analysis tool, helping agents to determine whether a travel document or passport has been tampered with.

• Reference Plus - all the checks needed to ensure safer tenancies in one great package. This new premium product takes time, hassle and expense out of multiple checks.

• Outstanding Broadband and Media deals for tenants - just £5.50 a month gets them connected
to fast, flexible and unlimited broadband, with a rolling contract tailored to match their AST.

• Individual customer advice and support - the appointment of a National Sales Manager consolidates Rent4sure’s growing team of Business Development Managers.

• Multiple upgrades and enhancements to Rent4sure’s bespoke system - ensuring customers have access to the most advanced, secure and intuitive cloud-based platform on all devices.

• Faster reference turnaround via the document upload facility - saves time and eliminates the need to process paperwork.

• Expansion to the Tenants Liability Insurance team, ensuring more rebates are paid back to agents.

• Back-to-Back Insurance marketing, helping to highlight the benefits to landlords and so protect and enhance business.

• As a commitment to customers, Rent4sure has also absorbed the latest government rise in IPT tax.

To register with Rent4sure call us now on 0330 088 3774, or visit our homepage.

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