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The importance of referencing - and why you need the professionals.

14 June 2021 3186 Views
The importance of referencing - and why you need the professionals.

Reliable referencing remains the cornerstone of every letting agent’s business.

Landlords rely on their agents to get it right, and to protect them from making the wrong decision to let.

Without undertaking thorough tenant screening, agents risk significant loss of income and damage to their landlord’s property – along with the stress that comes with trying to sort out any problems.

While it’s impossible to guarantee that a tenancy will be problem-free, carrying out meticulous checks and providing your landlords with the facts goes a long way to reducing the risks.

False economy

Referencing needs to be robust enough to withstand potential challenges. Cutting back on referencing, or trying to do it yourself, may well end up being a false economy that could damage your reputation and brand in the longer term and lead to a breakdown of trust between you and your customers.

Referencing is a specialised and in-depth process and agents rely on third-party referencing companies for a good reason.

Although some applications are straightforward and will sail through the process, others can be complex and challenging regardless of the tenant’s suitability. Keeping up to date with current legislation and compliance can also be notoriously tricky, as responsibilities attached to letting a property become increasingly complicated.

Reduce stress

Being able to rely on the services of a reputable referencing company reduces stress and brings peace of mind. It means you’re protecting your landlord and your reputation.

At Rent4sure, we truly understand the challenges that face every letting agent right now. As an experienced and trusted market leader and an award-winning supplier, our expert teams help thousands of customers get referencing right every single month.

We completed our 2 millionth reference last year and we’re proud to have so many longstanding and loyal customers across England and Wales.

So why do customers choose to reference with Rent4sure?

Reliable referencing

Very comprehensive, user friendly and efficient referencing process.”

Detailed insight into a tenant’s profile, with a clear result - accept or decline. Last year, 96% of our references were completed and returned within 48 hours.

Valued partnership

“If Rent4sure were not as efficient and helpful as they are, it would be impossible for me to run my business so well.”

Real relationships that help grow your business with security and confidence.

A comprehensive insight

“Very accurate in assessing potential clients. Attention to detail and in-depth reports.”

Helping to prevent fraud. Protecting agents and landlords. 308,524 high risk tenants identified to date.

Market-leading solutions

“Rent4sure offer great products.”

Quality products that enhance your business and help you win more instructions.

Dedicated, experienced account managers

“Kris is an excellent and caring account manager…we are grateful for his input and knowledge.”

One-to-one personal support when you need it. Genuine collaboration at every stage of the process.

Intuitive, custom-built platform

“The platform/dashboard is very efficient and easy to navigate through.”

Powerful software that’s simple to use. Customers love our system.

Better references, better tenants

Our quality of tenants has improved on the back of better references being completed.”

Real, unbiased and accurate analysis of the facts, giving you more confidence in your decision to let.

Like an extra member of your team

“It takes a lot of pressure off me by having this company do the important part of the checks before going ahead with a tenancy.”

Taking care of the details, leaving you free to get on with your job.

Meet legal responsibilities

“They help us to stay compliant with the law.”

Take the worry out of complex legislation.

Service and expertise

“Highly recommend for their quality of service… knowledgeable and helpful.”

Our talented, highly trained and motivated staff help 2000 agents lock in security each month.

Get referencing right with Rent4sure. Find out more.

For a one-to-one system demo call today on 0330 088 3774.

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