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When a tenant vacates any property, end of tenancy cleaning is a natural next step. It cleans the property and ensures everything is in working order for the next tenant. It also allows a landlord to check the state of the property following the previous tenancy and decide upon deposits and whether any payments must be made for repairs etc. 

End of tenancy cleaning is a must at the end of tenancy. Right now, the need for an end of tenancy clean has become far more of a necessity due to COVID-19 and the current pandemic. Coronavirus has swept through the nation and continues to do so at an alarming rate. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to ensure a property is free from germs, and can in no way, spread the virus more than it already is spreading.

To really understand the importance of ensuring your property is hygienic and safe for the next tenant, it’s a good idea to first understand the nature of the Coronavirus and what it is exactly.


What Is COVID?

COVID-19 or Coronavirus as it’s also known is a virus that has swept the entire globe in just a matter of months. We first began hearing discussions about the virus back in December and January. Just a couple of months later however, in March and the whole country, along with multiple countries around the world, were on full government ordered lockdowns. 

People were only allowed to leave their home for essential items and entire cities became ghost towns. Schools were closed and anything that wasn’t a supermarket appeared to shut down overnight. 

Our lives were turned upside down as we were halted from socialising with family members and Facetime became our best friends. The drastic measures however only highlighted the real dangers of this virus, along with the incredible numbers we were delivered via news bulletins on a daily basis of those testing positive and even those sadly losing their lives.

Ensuring the space we inhabited was clean from germs and bacteria became second nature and while lockdown has certainly eased and children are indeed back at school, the importance of ensuring any space we frequent is clean, has never been more important.

Professional End Of Tenancy Cleans Are So Important

End of tenancy cleaning isn’t just a ‘big clean’ as some have dubbed it. It’s a professional, high quality clean that covers every square inch of a property. Property deep cleaning involves specialist machinery such as carpet cleaning devices, along with specialist cleaning solutions. 

From skirting boards to window sills, appliances and all soft furnishings, toilet bowls and so much more; an end of tenancy clean will not just clean the surfaces and touch points in a home, it will clean the hidden corners and areas a regular clean simply wouldn’t touch. 

With an end of tenancy clean, you aren’t just ensuring a clean property for new tenants, you’re ensuring a clean, safe and sterile property for your new tenants. 

End of tenancy cleans are without a doubt ever more essential due to COVID-19 but thankfully, as a landlord, you needn’t get your hands dirty yourself. 

Check out the incredibly professional bunch at Cleaning Express, with dedicated teams who offer COVID-19 secure services to ensure your property is a safe and sterile environment. For more information on their end of tenancy cleaning, simply contact them today on 0203 633 0390

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