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Legislation & Compliance

How agents can reduce fraud before, during and after the referencing process 

In this tips piece, Blake Richmond, managing director of referencing at Goodlord,...

07 February 2022

1382 Reads

How agents can best prepare for post-pandemic business

As the summer begins to draw to a close and...

25 August 2021

2419 Reads

Legislation & Compliance
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Marketing & Social Media

Quick Read Top Tips - 5 best practices for all businesses

Here is a quick read focusing on 5 things you...

28 October 2020

4101 Reads

How to Reach More Landlords Part 2 - Using Innovative ‘Feet Up’ Campaign to Win Business

Independent agent uses innovative ‘feet up’ campaign to win business. An...

28 October 2020

3822 Reads

Marketing & Social Media
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Proptech & Innovation

Why is tenancy fraud on the rise?

More and more people are committing tenancy fraud and it’s...

07 October 2021

2147 Reads

How can we improve property matchmaking beyond the online portals?

Over the last 20 years, the growth of online property...

11 January 2021

2945 Reads

Proptech & Innovation
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Recruitment & Business Matters

How agents can support tenants with rising energy bills

Rik Smith, Head of Tenant Services at Goodlord, outlines in...

29 September 2021

1682 Reads

Agents – here are five simple tips for job searching

There’s no denying it, job hunting can be hard work...

29 October 2020

2062 Reads

Recruitment & Business Matters
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