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There is nothing worse than a faulty boiler, especially if it happens right on the cusp of those winter months. Boiler installation costs can vary with a lot of variables changing how much your boiler replacement will be. So what should you be spending on a new boiler? What type of boiler do you need? Where can you find the best price for a new boiler?

With so many questions, it can be a stressful time if you need a new boiler, but do not fear. We have the guide to give you a helping hand when it comes to new boiler installation.

Our Guide to Boiler Costs in 2021

Top 5 Hidden Boiler Costs and Considerations with a boiler replacement

1. How much is the cost of a new boiler?

The most important area of any installation is, of course, the boiler. You can expect higher prices in the thousands for a quality boiler, but for a less premium choice, you can do well in finding a boiler for a fixed price in the hundreds. Price will vary depending on the Kw size, quality, brand, and model, but you can expect to pay anything from £400 to £1200.

2. Labour cost for Boiler installation

Boiler replacement cost will change depending on how much work is needed by the fitter. This work can change depending on the location of your system boiler, how many engineers are needed for the job, and how long it will take to complete.

The average boiler cost for installation ranges between £500 and £1000 depending on the exact kind of installation.

A combi boiler will take around a day to be completely installed, much faster than a back boiler conversion. Back boiler conversions can take anything up to 2 days and may require multiple engineers.

No matter the job, a boiler installation cost will usually be a fixed price that has already been agreed upon before the work has been completed.

3. Cost of a Boiler Flue

A boiler flue is a large pipe that leads from your boiler to the outside. The pipe ensures that flue gases and condensation are pumped outside your home rather than inside the room, potentially causing damage to you or your home.

In most cases, the flue will leave your home horizontally at no extra cost, but if you require a vertical flue through your roof, a lot more work is needed, causing the extra cost. This is just luck of the kind of home and the location of your boiler but will typically cost between £300 and £600.

4. Cost of a Plume Kit

A plume kit is an extension that attaches to your boiler and is required by law to comply with gas safety regulations. The plume kit acts when your boiler flue is too close to a door, window, or nearby property.

Not including a plume kit can result in bad air purity levels. The average cost of these kits is anywhere between £90 and £130.

5. Cost of upgrading a main gas pipe

Older gas piping systems are built with a width of around 15mm. Due to new boiler regulations, these gas pipes need to be upgraded to a 22mm size, often costing an extra price.

In some instances, the pipes will need a full replacement as they have to be copper in the modern age. Always be wary of cowboy builders that don't plan for any upgraded pipework. The work that they complete will be deemed illegal if the pipework does not meet the required standards by gas safe regulations.

Other Considerations Related to Boiler Costs:

  • Boiler relocation costs

  • Costs associated with heating control upgrades

  • Costs associated with extended warranties

  • Cost of a magnetic boiler filter

  • Chemical flushes

  • Costs of Radiators


The cost of a new combi boiler, or pretty much any new boiler installation costs can range anywhere from £1000 all the way up to £6000 if you need your central heating location moved.

 With many units available on the market, new boiler costs and installation can sometimes be a daunting task. Always ensure that you get a fixed price before any work begins, so there are no nasty surprises, and look out for cowboy plumbers who don't set your heating system to comply with gas safety regulations. If this seems like a lot to worry about, you can always try www.rjmartindale.co.uk. Specialising in boiler repairs, plumbing and heating, they can give you a quote of everything you could need when it comes to boiler replacement costs in your home.

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