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Labour council reveals huge rises in landlord licensing charges

There’s been a steep rise in the costs of landlord joining a compulsory licensing scheme operated by Labour-controlled Nottingham city council.

The scheme has already proved controversial because of its size (it is the largest outside of London) and because of the red tape involved in its introduction.

Now from March next year the landlords of some 32,000 properties in the city will have to pay £670 per property if they are accredited and £890 if they are not.


This is up from £480 and £890 respectively.

Landlords have already warned that the indirect cost of this will be borne by tenants faced with higher rents to cover the owners’ costs.

A council spokeswoman is quoted in the local media saying: "We are increasing fees for individual house licences. The scheme is self-funding and the council has reviewed the licensing process and found it wasn’t recovering all of the costs, so fees have to increase to reflect that – but it remains the case that we are not allowed to make a profit from licence fees.

"Over 18,000 landlords have already applied at the lower rate and we will work to engage with landlords who are not registered for the scheme - we would urge any of them to apply before the price rise at the end of March."

  • jeremy clarke

    On those figures the council are collecting £8.64 million! What type of scheme costs that much to run and administer? 32,000 properties still to licence will bring in another £21 million making almost £30,000,000!!!
    Something wrong here, is diane abbot in charge of the accounts?

  • Mick Roberts

    Am I Einstein or are the Nottingham Council thick? The more they put it up, the more Landlords sell and the less there is. Exaggerated, we could be down to 10 Landlords and their philosophy is Ooh we need to up the price to £1 million pounds each then.
    Landlords already sold at the earlier fees. I know of no other business in the UK that if customers drop, they put the price up. Normal business is the opposite way round. Or u don't have any customers and u don't have a business.


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