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London council wants to charge £550 for five year rental licence

A council in London, where landlords yields and margins are already tight, says it wants to charge £550 for a renewed selective licence operating for five years.

Harrow council is now consulting for the proposal, which would extend over one ward in its entirety. 

The council says: “The scheme will allow us to take tougher action and ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents.”


It adds that the scheme will “enable the council to ensure fire safety standards, basic amenities and general management of rented properties are being met.”

Agents, residents, tenants, landlords and resident associations are being invited to comment on the consultation exercise, which lasts until August 14. 

You can take part in the consultation here.

  • Barry X

    Lies by the council as usual.... charging people for the "right" (that they already anyhow have) to rent out properties will NOT "...allow us [the greedy council] to take tougher action and ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents".... how could it? Surely they have all the powers, and some, that they need already?

    Talk about killing the golden goose..... when there are fewer, or perhaps no, private landlords left in their borough I expect they'll be happy to provide "social" housing for all the tenants they've made homeless by their shortsighted greed? It will cost them hundreds (maybe thousands) of times more than they'd hope to skin the sitting duck (another bird metaphor!) landlords for!!!!

  • Paul Smithson

    I’ve almost sold up, not many left-sometimes I glad I’m done my turn and feel sorry for anyone who invested in this game in the last 10 years.


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