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Labour likens evictions ban ending to Tories’ exams fiasco

Labour’s housing spokeswoman says “after the incompetent handling of the exams fiasco, the government must act now to avoid more chaos of its own making” in the shape of private rental evictions.

Shadow Housing Secretary Thangam Debbonaire has written to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick to say that with the furlough scheme coming to an end and Coronavirus infections rising, the government should set out how it would prevent a "self-made homelessness crisis”.

She writes: "Veering from crisis to crisis is no way to run a country... after the incompetent handling of the exams fiasco, the government must act now to avoid more chaos of its own making.” 


Debbonaire is calling for emergency legislation to ensure no one will lose their home because of Coronavirus.

Her letter says Labour does not want to see the ban on evictions lifted until "the government has introduced changes to our broken housing system that will protect tenants".

Specifically this means the permanent abolition of Section 21 evictions and revisions to Section 8 evictions to prevent automatic eviction for tenants whose income had been hit by the pandemic.

Debbonaire cites the figure provided by campaigning charity Shelter, claiming some 227,000 private renters have fallen into arrears since the pandemic and could lose their homes when the ban on evictions is lifted next week.

The National Residential Landlords Association disputes the figure.

Earlier this week nine Labour and 10 Liberal Democrat MPs urged the government to guarantee councils financial support to house rough sleepers for a year, and former shadow chancellor John McDonnell demanded the ban on evictions be extended for at least a year.

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    • 20 August 2020 08:04 AM

    These people have made their own beds. May they rot in those beds.

    Basically, if you cannot afford it you cannot have it.
    If you cannot afford it, do not steal it.
    If you take money, you must give it back.

    Seems these days that most tenants think they can just have free housing forever. And with no remorse or guilt!

    They can't.

    And in my case, my defaulting tenants will be evicted whatever it takes. And however long it might be.

    They will be hounded endlessly for the rent they did not pay, and they will also get endless CCJ's for their lives if they do not pay me back what is owed and what the Courts demanded them to pay me.

    They will be made to NEVER forget me.......And I don't give a DAMN!!!!!!!! And in fact it will please me to watch their pain.

    They hurt me. Now it is my time.

  • girish mehta

    Keep on changing the laws then I won’t let the properties , sell them. Pull the money and invest overseas. Join the rest on the dole and let the government pay for it. I am not risking what I have work hard for give it to government and tenants. I am paying enough taxes and will get ripped off by the government when I sell my properties. Let these then build millions of homes and house everyone for free and pay their living expenses. Let the government them also pay for rising crime and antisocial behaviour as these idle people divert their attention and activities to these past times

  • Peter Hendry

    LOOK, what policy has Labour got to calm and improve the state of the UK housing market with its lack of provision of adequate housing? So far I see nothing workable being proposed even though I have sent in full details of a new and Fully Workable solution to correct the anomalies responsible for creating poverty in this sector.

    How can the opposition party amass a consensus if they don’t have a coherent policy for people to support? If they are serious about putting in better provisions for housing, will they please examine my proposals for resolving this crisis and discuss the pros and cons? To read it simply search on House Price Virtuoso Solution. The party should already have my contact details or can obtain them from the web site.

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    I tried to read through it Peter but cant these things be summed up in 30 sec elevator pitch

    Peter Hendry

    If only improving all housing markets across half of Britain for the better was possible in a 30 sec elevator pitch - whatever that might be?
    Thanks for reading some of it though.

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    Can’t stop. I’m in a rush to write to ‘Thankless’ Debbonaire to suggest that she includes in her suggestions to our current bunch of ‘heroic’ leaders that it should be made mandatory for LL to advise all tenants where these Renter Riot (AKA Rent-a-riot) demonstrations are taking place so they can join in. I leave it to ‘Thankless’ to work out for herself whether LL should also pick up the bill For their tenant’s membership fees to organisations campaigning for freebie rentals.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Why is there ' 3 ' "Shelter says" Press releases at the bottom of this article aimed at the PRS ?
    Surely Letting Agent Today isn't a mouthpiece for Shelter, and as has been pointed out recently, their false publicity stunts have been rubbished, so we don't need a publication like Letting Agent Today ramming more of Shelters unbalanced and biased edicts at us.


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