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Boris Johnson confirms eviction ban is “under review”

The Prime Minister has told MPs that the eviction ban effectively in place now but scheduled to expire on January 11 is officially “under review.”

Boris Johnson made the commitment to the review yesterday afternoon after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer demanded the government to extend the eviction ban "which is due to run out in just five days”.

Johnson offered no further details of the review nor when it would be concluded and how it might be put in place. 


Johnson’s response triggered a flurry of demands from pressure groups including Shelter and Generation Rent.

“Glad to hear the eviction ban is under review. But there are now just 5 days before bailiffs are due to start evictions! At every step of this crisis, renters have been let-down by this government. The government must publish its plan to ban evictions and end rent debt” tweeted Generation Rent. 

And Baroness Alicia Kennedy, who runs Generation Rent, tweeted from her personal account: “We must keep renters safely in their homes during this lockdown. The eviction ban needs to be brought back and we need action to help end rent debt.” 

Eviction bans of one kind or another have existed for almost a year now in most of the UK.

The first formal eviction ban started in March and ended in September, only to be reinstated in areas classified as Covid risk Tier 2 or Tier 3 during the autumn. Then on November 5 the government said renters would be protected during the second England-wide restrictions with no bailiff enforcement action, except for the most egregious cases such as anti-social behaviour.  

The government also said that an exemption would be introduced for extreme pre-Covid rent arrears cases - those evictions could take place after all, thus meaning bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers could move to enforce warrants and complete evictions. 

However, this will only apply to cases where the equivalent of nine months’ rent arrears had been built up before March 23 last year, when the UK went into its first national lockdown.

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    • 07 January 2021 08:11 AM

    Typical uk system always protecting low lives lazy peasants and parasites.

    Yonnette  Roberts

    Wow that’s a bit on called for. If you’re a landlord, you give me a reason to love my job. As much as I don’t support an eviction ban. Landlords who refer to the source of their income as peasants and parasites are not good landlords and everything should be done to remove them from the trade. I can think of a lot of stuff that landlords do to cheat the system but I am too much of a lady. Sad sad

    Mark Wilson

    You tell 'em Kilo. We need a some amusing posts to cheer us up!

  • Andrew Dickinson

    Everyone whether renting or buying, need to pay their dues. If they don't then they should expect the consequences. Tenants should not be an exception...?

  • Algarve  Investor

    'Under review' almost certainly means extended in Boris speak. Seems inevitable. They would be better off just saying there will be a ban on evictions, other than in the most serious cases, until a point where things are far more stable again and the pandemic is back under control (or the rollout of the vaccine has been considerable).

    At least that way people would have more clarity and certainty rather than these rolling extensions for eternity. But this government doesn't do sensible or pragmatic, it does slow, bungled, complicated and confusing.

    Matthew Payne

    Typical form to leak everything first to test opinion. That aside, there is absolutely no chance politically that any government would allow the eviction of a single tenant during winter, during the most deadly part of a once in a century pandemic. Irrespective of official extensions, no Court is likely to do so either with more humane considerations.

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    "At every step of this crisis, renters have been let-down by this government." GR must live in a parallel world. Boris will chase the votes as usual.


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