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Millions of homes could have unsafe gas appliance – warning

One in four homes in the UK has a potentially dangerous gas appliance, new research claims.

Analysis of inspection figures by Gas Safe Register warns that almost seven million homes could be a t risk.

Landlords are responsible for providing gas safe appliances in rental homes so it could be worth letting agents reminding them of these requirements.


The analysis lists excuses such as failing to see the point of checks if everything is working fine.

Other more far-fetched excuses include: “The parrot doesn’t like gas fitters,”; “I used a wine bottle cork to stop gas coming out of the hole in the wall,”; ‘I just open the window if it starts smelling of gas,” and “I didn’t think gas was dangerous.” 

Bob Kerr, gas services director at Gas Safe Register, says: “The vast majority of UK homes use gas.

“It works away in the background, heating our homes, powering our creature comforts. We don’t think about it until something goes wrong. Usually this means a minor inconvenience like a cold shower, but each year gas safety slips do result in fatalities that could have been prevented.  

“This Gas Safety Week we’re urging the nation to take a ‘no excuses’ attitude.

“Be better gas safe than sorry – don’t let excuses get in the way of the health and safety of your loved ones.”

Find out more about Gas Safety Week here.

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    Those excuses sound more like tenants not allowing access rather than landlords and agents not carrying out their legal obligations. Nice advert for Gas Safe though.


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